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Chris Evans Discusses "Cellular"


Chris Evans stars in Cellular

Chris Evans stars in "Cellular"

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2004 is a very busy year for Chris Evans. "The Perfect Score" hit theaters in January and "Cellular" rings in in September. Evans finished filming his role in the indie drama "The Orphan King" and landed the much sought after part of Johnny Storm in "Fantastic Four."

Back when Evans was busy promoting his role in "The Perfect Score" - a movie about teens who steal the SATs in order to get into a good college - he spoke a little about working on the dramatic thriller, "Cellular." In "Cellular," Chris Evans plays a young man who answers his phone only to find himself involved in a race against time to save a stranger's life. Kim Basinger co-stars as the desperate woman on the other end of the line.


What was it like working on "Cellular?"
It was awesome. Whenever you get to work with talented people, people who are obviously better actors than you are, it’s the best way to get better. It forces you to step your game up. It’s kind of like going to acting class every day.

Can you recall any memorable moments or scenes?
Anything with William H. Macy. That guy just knows how to have a good time. He’s the type of guy that if you’re sitting in a group of people and there’s a dull moment for a second, Bill will just kick out a joke. Any time there’s like a lull in the conversation – “Guy walks into a bar…” And all these really, really smart jokes and I don’t even get them half the time so I look like an idiot (laughing).

Did you do any of your own stunts?
Yeah, I got to do some cool stunts actually. They put me in a week of stunt driving school before we started shooting. They put me into stunt school, but then they barely let me do any of the car stuff – insurance reasons. But I did get to do a lot of the jumping and falling and fight stuff with Jason Statham – good stuff like that.

Did your neck hurt after holding the cell phone?
Yeah, after that I’ve got to tell you, I never wanted to see another cell phone. It’s just weird having your co-star be a phone.

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