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Sienna Miller on Edie Sedgwick and "Factory Girl"


Sienna Miller on Edie Sedgwick and "Factory Girl"

Sienna Miller and Heath Ledger in "Casanova"

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Sienna Miller on Her Career: “I don’t really have a strategy or a game plan. I think as soon as I did, everything would fail. I’d love to do supporting roles and leading roles. Any kind of role with a good character. I don’t mind if it was tiny or huge, just to do good work and to grow and to get better. To work with great people. I have a list of a few people in my head that I would love to work with.”

Asked who is on that list, Miller said, “Michel Gondry I’d love to work with. I should really think about this now. Cate Blanchett I think is extraordinary. Thinking people I could learn from… Sean Penn and Robin Wright-Penn I love. Who else? Lots of people. Ang Lee I think is a great director. I know I’m missing people.”

Sienna Miller’s Not Looking for Glamorous Roles: “I’m kind of more drawn to [the unconventional] I think. I just want to creatively grow and be inspired. I don’t want to do anything generic or dumb. It’s not about being the star, I don't think.”

Miller says it’s really all about loving what you do and not about being treated like a movie star. “I just love what I do but I think because I’m fascinated by people more than celebrity or being treated or pampered, that makes me very uncomfortable. I like studying people, finding interesting people, because I think you grow as a person and also understand people better. It’s more of a sociological study, what I do. I just did a play for five months, Shakespeare in the West End. It’s about experiences and traveling and people. I don’t really just want to be ‘the girl.’”

Speaking of Being ‘The Girl”…: What if Daniel Craig asked the producers to make her a Bond girl? Miller said, “I don't think it’s the right time for me to be a Bond girl. I think it might undo the hard work that I’ve been doing this year. I don't know if Daniel Craig would talk to the producers about me being a Bond girl.”

As for what she thinks of her “Layer Cake” co-star Daniel Craig getting the role of Bond, James Bond, Miller said she believes it was absolutely the right choice. “I think he’s a brilliant actor, very strong and powerful actor. I think it’s exciting that they’d be taking Bond back to being more of a misogynist, more interesting than he has become. And I think Daniel has a kind of gritty realism that will be really interesting in that role.”

Sienna Miller’s Next Project: “The Edie Sedgwick movie. ‘Factory Girl’ it’s called, playing Edie Sedgwick. It’s about Edie Sedgwick who was Andie Warhol’s muse in the ‘60s and just kind of focusing on that quite pivotal moment in time. She was very destructive, a big drug addict and died at 28. It’s pretty sad.”

Sienna Miller Explains the Appeal of Playing Edie Sedgwick: “I just think anybody who is that self-destructive is intriguing. She had a real light. She was vibrant and fascinating and kind of started a big movement in the ‘60s, and burned out because she was misguided and abused. [She] just had an interesting life. I just think she’s a pretty tortured soul, but that’s quite fascinating in a sick kind of way.”

The Challenges of Tackling That Particular Role: “Playing somebody who really existed is challenging. You want to do it justice because I think you realize that you’re the one that’s carrying the mantle on. Accent, her voice, vocal physicalities, the way she smoked, the way she talked. Being able to be destructive but also have an audience sympathize with you. Not being seen as some drug addict, but actually to make people feel that she’s a drug addict as a result of a very tortured life - a lot. I’m terrified.”

Sienna Miller on Researching Sedgwick: “It’s fascinating. …Even if this film is terrible, the experience of researching it has been so fascinating. I was with her husband, Michael Post, in Santa Barbara last week and have been hanging out with the people from The Factory that are still alive. Brigid Berlin and Danny Fields and all these incredible, real ‘60s characters. There’s an awful lot of perks. I’m going to Pittsburgh this weekend to the Warhol museum. Guy Pearce is playing Andy Warhol and he’s fantastic. I think he’s going to do a great job. I’m very excited.”

The Status of “Camille:” “That would be after ‘Factory Girl.’ I’d really like to do it. It’s a really fun part and really satirical and kind of dark, so hopefully I’ll be doing that. It’s another independent, so my agents, I’m not sure how they’re going to feel about that.”

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