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Behind the Scenes of 'Captivity' with Elisha Cuthbert


Elisha Cuthbert star in Captivity

Elisha Cuthbert in Captivity.

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Are you going to be back on 24?
“You know, we talk every year about it. There’s always an open dialogue. It’s just a matter of the timing of it and if it works for the script, and if I’m not off doing something else. This year we chatted quite a bit but it never ended up kind of working out. But next year… I mean I kind of wait by the phone and hope that they need me.”

You do want to go back?
“Oh yeah, yeah. I love going back. That’s like family to me. Starting off at 18 years old and it’s just a good group of people and such a great show to be on.”

There’s a lot of scary stuff that happens to you in Captivity. What actually scares you?
“I don’t like to fly. I’m not a big flier so flying to Russia to film this movie was probably the scariest part of making it.”

How long did you spend in Russia?
“Three months. I was in Moscow and it was an amazing experience, and a culture shock at the time. But to come back and say that I spent that much time there was a really cool thing.”

Did you have any problems with the language differences on the set?
“Oh yeah. Oh yeah. There was a lot of translators and God knows whether they were telling me the truth or not. (Laughing) You never know with those translators. No, it was a difficult process for Daniel and myself and Roland [Joffe] because it takes a lot to make a movie. It takes a lot of people and you all have to be on the page. We found ourselves kind of constantly checking to see if everything was right. I realized I knew a lot about filmmaking because of that. Because on a standard film where everyone’s doing what they’ve got to do, you go in and you be the actor. On this I found myself kind of checking sound, checking lighting, checking everything, you know? Just to make sure everything was in check.”

You cut your hair short recently. Are those extensions in your hair now?
“My hair is short. Yeah, they’re extensions. I start a project on the 3rd so it had to be a little longer.”

What role is it that you’ll be needing the hair extensions for?
“I’m doing a small role in a CBC film up in Canada called Guns with William Shatner and Colm Feore. I play a young girl in the film who is the girlfriend of one of the lead characters. My hair was a little too short for it. You know, you kind of read scripts and you envision what you think the character looks like, just off of reading it the first time around. It’s certainly wasn’t the look, and the short hair was really for the romantic comedy that I have coming out later in the year called My Sassy Girl. So that’s why my hair was so short. And then I start a film in August with Tim Allen that I needed longer hair also for, so I figure I’d just get it all done in one shot. But it may have a color change, too, on the way.”

What color?
“I don’t know yet. I’m still debating. I might do a little bit of a red thing because I haven’t done that yet.”

For personal reasons?
“No, for the character. For the Tim Allen film. It’s called Six Wives of Henry Le Fay. So, we’ll see.”

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