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Campbell, Neve

Check out this collection of fansites and movie sites featuring Neve Campbell's films, biography, movie news, and photos.
  1. "Blind Horizon"
  2. "Scream 4"
  3. "The Company"

Inside "Scream 4" with the Cast and Wes Craven
Director Wes Craven and "Scream 4" stars Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette talk about the fourth film, the success of the series, why it still connects with audiences, and updating the rules to reflect social media and the internet's importance in the way we now communicate.

Neve Campbell Interview - "The Company"
Behind the scenes of "The Company" with actress/dancer Neve Campbell.

"The Company" Photo Gallery
Production photos from the Sony Pictures Classics movie, The Company, featuring Neve Campbell, James Franco, and Willy Shives.

"Scream 4" Photos
Gallery of photos from the horror comedy "Scream 4" starring Courtney Cox, Emma Roberts, Neve Campbell, Marley Shelton, Adam Brody, David Arquette, Anthony Anderson, and Allison Brie.

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