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Gerard Butler Talks About "Burns" and "Beowulf & Grendel"

Gerard Butler on "Burns," Julia Stiles, and Working on "Beowulf & Grendel


Gerard Butler Talks About

Gerard Butler stars in "Beowulf & Grendel"

Photo © Grendel Productions
Updated February 26, 2014
Gerard Butler (the oh-so-handsome star of "Phantom of the Opera" and "Dear Frankie") showed up in Hollywood for the World Premiere of DreamWorks Pictures' "Red Eye." Directed by Wes Craven and starring Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy, "Red Eye" is a white knuckle inducing thriller and quite a departure from Craven's usual horror fare.

Ready to pepper Butler with questions about "Burns" and "Beowulf & Grendel," I failed to ask him why he was at the premiere of "Red Eye." It could have been because Wes Craven executive produced "Dracula 2000," which Butler starred in, or it could have been because he was just in the mood for a good scare. Whatever the reason, Butler was more than willing to spend a little time talking to me about his upcoming projects before taking in the special screening.

Check out what Gerard Butler had to say about the status of "Burns," how he feels about Julia Stiles being cast as his love interest, the delays in production, and his upcoming film "Beowulf & Grendel." Butler even dropped a hint about a new project he's signed up for which - damn it - is definitely not playing Bond, James Bond:

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