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'Bunraku' Movie Photo Gallery

Featuring Photos of Josh Hartnett


Gallery of photos from the action film Bunraku starring Josh Hartnett, Kevin McKidd, Gackt, Ron Perlman, Woody Harrelson, and Demi Moore. (Photos © ARC Entertainment)

Bunraku Synopsis: A mysterious drifter (Josh Hartnett) and an ardent young Japanese warrior Yoshi (Gackt) both arrive in a town that has been terrorized by outrageous and virulent criminals. Each is obsessed with his separate mission, and guided by the wisdom of The Bartender (Woody Harrelson) at the Horseless Horseman Saloon, the two eventually join forces to bring down the corrupt and contemptuous reign of Nicola (Ron Perlman), the awesomely evil "woodcutter" and his lady Alexandra (Demi Moore), a femme fatale with a secret past. This classic tale is re-vitalized and re-imagined in an entirely fresh visual context, set in a unique world that mixes skewed reality with shadow-play fantasy, a place where even the landscape can betray you. Heroes triumph here only because the force of their will transforms and transcends both space and time.

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Josh Hartnett and Woody Harrelson in BunrakuJosh Hartnett and Woody Harrelson PhotoJosh Hartnett in BunrakuJosh Hartnett PhotoJosh Hartnett in BunrakuJosh Hartnett PhotoKevin McKidd in BunrakuKevin McKidd Photo
Gackt in BunrakuGackt PhotoRon Perlman and Demi Moore in BunrakuRon Perlman and Demi Moore PhotoPoster for BunrakuFilm Poster
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