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Brian Cox and Gabriel Mann Return for "The Bourne Supremacy"

Interviews from "The Bourne Supremacy" World Premiere


Gabriel Mann Bourne Supremacy

Gabriel Mann at the World Premiere of "The Bourne Supremacy"

Photo © Rebecca Murray
Gabriel Mann and Brian Cox reprise their roles from the hugely successful 2002 hit, “The Bourne Identity,” in the 2004 sequel, "The Bourne Supremacy." Cox stars as Ward Abbott, a CIA honcho who director Paul Greengrass describes as "a bureaucratic controller of dark secrets." Mann returns as Agent Danny Zorn, an underling who works for Cox's character.

Commenting on Gabriel Mann and his performance as Agent Zorn, producer Frank Marshall said, “While the character of Zorn is not a pawn, he is, without his knowing it, sucked into a situation where his knowledge is used against him. Gabriel was great in the last film and brings just the right attitude to this.”

Director Paul Greengrass enjoyed his time spent with critically acclaimed actor Brian Cox. “Brian brings all of the colors anyone could ask for in a plausible adversary—he can sinuous and he can be bullying; he can be cunning and he can be self-dramatizing; he can be pathetic and frightening and sinister. There’s a whole spectrum in-between the poles of black and white that Brian inhabits brilliantly,” said Greengrass.


The bar was set really high with the first film. How do you top it with “The Bourne Supremacy?”
You try and preserve the formula from the first one, the integrity of keeping the film incredibly gritty and incredibly real, and then putting Matt [Damon] in even more hellacious situations than he had the first time.

That’s really important?
Torturing him – absolutely torturing him.

You've worked with Matt Damon a couple of times now. Do you have any Matt Damon secrets to share from the set?
I wish I could say there was something but he’s like he is. He’s a good guy.

Do you get to do any stunts in this one, or are you still stuck in the office?
No, no – I do a stunt I can’t tell you about because it has to do with a plot point that’s revealed but I did [a stunt]. You’ll know when you see it, that is me. That’s as much as I can say.

Did you have to have any special training for this particular stunt?
No...Clown school. I’m kidding (laughing).

And this time around, your character works more closely with Brian Cox?
Yes, and he’s one of the greatest actors around. He’s fantastic.

The last time I spoke with you we discussed your stuntwork in Paul Schrader's version of “Exorcist: The Beginning.” What happened to that film?
I’m really curioius too. Is it coming out this summer?

Yes, in like another month.
Well, we made two movies.

I hope they end up releasing the version you’re in, along with the second one.
Well, thank you very much. I’d be curious to see it myself (laughing).


How do you top the success of "The Bourne Identity?"
By being better. No, being as good. Also, you look at it from a different point of view. I mean the film is really a different angle. It’s much more to do with the workings of the CIA, where the CIA were much more in the shadows in the last film, apart from this one crazy [operative] played brilliantly by Chris Cooper. It’s just a different kind of look at it and therefore, where my character in the first one was very shadowy, now we see - since he’s the guy who started Treadstone - so we see where that’s all heading, so it’s kind of exciting.

Paul Greengrass took over directing duties for this sequel, where Doug Liman was behind the camera for "The Bourne Identity." Was it different working with a new director for the sequel?
Yeah, it was different. It’s always different working with a different director because he brings his own thing to it. He brings his own discipline. [Greengrass is] a director whose foundation is in political documentaries so that’s different.

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