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"Birthday Girl" (2001)

John is a small-town bank clerk whose life is turned upside down when he orders a Russian mail-order bride from the Internet. When the mysterious and beautiful Nadia arrives, John is shocked to discover that she speaks no English - but he is soon smitten, thanks to some highly kinky bedroom action. When her cousins show up, John realizes he's got a whole lot more than he bargained for...
  1. Nicole Kidman Movie News...

Ben Chaplin Films and Photos
Ben Chaplin's made an impression in such movies as "The Truth About Cats & Dogs" and "Murder by Numbers" as well as on British television.

"Birthday Girl" Movie Review
If Nicole Kidman can win critical acclaim for her role as a dancer/singer in "Moulin Rouge," then she's definitely up to the task of playing a Russian mail-order bride.

"Birthday Girl" Production Notes
Production notes for the romantic comedy, "Birthday Girl," from director Jez Butterworth and starring Nicole Kidman and Ben Chaplin.

Gallery of Production Photos
Here's a collection of black & white stills from the film, featuring photographs of Ben Chaplin and Nicole Kidman.

DVD Review: "Birthday Girl"
The DVD features a music video you have to see to believe, along with a featurette on the making of the film.

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