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Behind the Scenes of 'Bedtime Stories'

With Adam Sandler, Russell Brand, Keri Russell and Adam Shankman


Adam Sandler and Keri Russell in 'Bedtime Stories.'

Adam Sandler and Keri Russell in 'Bedtime Stories.'

© Walt Disney Pictures
Bedtime Stories finds Adam Sandler playing a hotel maintenance guy named Skeeter who's the uncle to two cute kids and one bug-eyed guinea pig. When he's asked to watch the kids (and the guinea pig) for a week, Skeeter quickly discovers that the bedtime stories he tells them are coming true. The PG-rated film is directed by Adam Shankman (Hairspray) and also stars Russell Brand as Skeeter's best friend and Keri Russell as a lovely schoolteacher who catches his eye.

Bedtime Stories Press Conference

Because you're a dad, is Bedtime Stories a kind of personal movie? Something that was inspired by wanting to tell your kids stories on the big screen?

Adam Sandler: "Old [Matt] Lopez over here wrote a great script, I read it, and I must say the thing that stood out the most was the gumball scene. And I do have kids now, I do. I've always wanted to do a family movie. I've always loved every Sunday night we'd watch a Disney movie. Kurt Russell…I was a big fan of Kurt Russell growing up and I always wanted to be the modern day Kurt Russell."

Adam Shankman: "And now you live in his old house."

Adam Sandler: "I live in his old house?! I have his old muscles."

Keri Russell: "You look so much like him."

Adam Sandler: "I do. He has a very Semitic look, just like me. [Laughing] No, but I loved Lopez' script. I thought it was sweet, and I knew Shankman was there to bring a great visual creative look. And he has great style, he's a great man, and I just wanted to make a movie that, a lot of times, my movies - the kids end up seeing them anyways - but some of their mothers yell at me and tell me I have corrupted their child and influenced them to pee on walls. So I wanted to make sure that I did one movie in my career that mothers hug me for. And this could be it."

Adam, which genre of the fantasies did you most enjoy doing? Did you always want to be a cowboy or a spaceman or…

Adam Shankman: "Gladiator, I'm dying to hear this one."

Adam Sandler: "Let's see, what did I enjoy? I look great in a cowboy hat. I think I was fantastic in the leather pants in the space scene. I really look good in the Gladiator costume. I'm just guessing I look good from the two reactions, Keri Russell would always go, 'Oh my god,' and Shankman would always go, 'Oh my god.'"

Keri Russell: "It's true."

Adam Sandler: "What do you think Shankman? I don't remember if I had fun ever."

Adam Shankman: "I'll tell you, you were most…well, in space you were hung up all the time so I don't think that you were happy with that - because he was on a rig - so I don't think that was your happiest moment. He was in a chariot most of the time, during the thing…"

Adam Sandler: "I had my ankle broken the whole time."

Adam Shankman: "You know his ankle was broken for two months of the shoot. And we never stopped shooting."

Adam Sandler: "I was playing basketball with my nephew and I broke my ankle, that was on a Sunday. Shankman got the call that night and wasn't happy."

Adam Shankman: "No. I said, 'What do you mean he broke his ankle?' And I'm there like, more details later. Now, conveniently, the next thing we were shooting that next day was him sitting telling the kids the stories. We had to shoot that for a week, so we figured out during that week, what we could and couldn't do..."

Adam Sandler: "That's right."

Adam Shankman: "But so like during the…for example, in the space sequence, those boots that he's wearing, that was just a mock up of his broken ankle boot. [Laughing] We just made two of them. We just made two ankle cast boots for that. And in the chariot, he couldn't, I play a game during the movie called, 'Can walk, Can't walk.' I was like, 'He could walk there. No, he couldn't walk there. Couldn't walk there.' But we kept going and you couldn't tell right? Taa-daa! See? Movie magic."

Adam and Russell, what was it like working with each other? Did it come naturally? Was it easy, and do you crack each other up?

Russell Brand: "I loved working with Adam. It was an education for me, in how to do film acting. I hadn't done many films before. Now I've learned loads of stuff, sort of controlling things, how to improvise with insensible parameters, how to not swear, which was difficult for me of course. It was a wonderful education, yeah, and I laugh a lot. And also sort of sometimes gaze yearningly at him, longing for the moment when eventually his crutches would break, and he would fall again into my arms. [Laughing] It was lovely. It was a bit like Treasure Island, in a way, with all the crutches, but yeah, I found it a comedic and cinematic education. I learned an awful lot over the whole process."

Adam Sandler: "He did, and I love - and people love - Russell in the movie. I got to say, I met Russell, I don't know, I think it's five years ago right? Or something like that?"

Russell Brand: "You've got no concept of time."

Adam Sandler: "Three years? Ten years ago?"

Russell Brand: [Laughing] "It's like two I think."

Adam Sandler: "All right, well, your hair got longer."

Russell Brand: "Judge by the size of your children."

Adam Sandler: "I didn't have a child when I met you. No, it's at least four… I swear to god."

Russell Brand: "How long ago was it? Four years ago? We're behind in our career plan. [Laughing] You guys need to work harder!"

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