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"Badder Santa" DVD Review

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Bad Santa DVD Badder Santa

"Badder Santa" on DVD

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The Bottom Line

As if the R rated version of "Bad Santa" wasn't 'bad' enough, the filmmakers have unleashed a raunchier, sexier "Badder Santa" on DVD. And why not? If you're going to go for it with an R rated Santa movie, why not push the envelope even further? Definitely not for kiddies, "Badder Santa" is for mature audiences who don't mind raunchy humor, lots of cussing, and other behavior that would normally land you on Santa's 'Naughty' list.
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  • Billy Bob Thornton should have won awards for this role
  • Rude, crude, and hysterical


  • No cast or filmmaker commentaries


  • Three Deleted/Extended Scenes: Includes a training session for would-be Santas
  • Behind-the-Scenes Featurette: Get a peek into the making of the film, including the casting process
  • "Badder Santa" Gag Reel
  • Outtakes and Bloopers
  • DVD Release Date: June 22, 2004

Guide Review - "Badder Santa" DVD Review

Have you ever wondered what department store Santas do after a day of having whiny kids sitting on their laps? If so, "Bad Santa" reveals one possibility: they rob shopping malls after all the good little boys and girls go home. Billy Bob Thornton and Tony Cox masquerade as Santa and one of his elves by day. By night, they fill their sacks with stolen goods. This plan works well once a year, until they have a run-in with a shopping mall detective who wants in on the heist.

Billy Bob Thornton is perfect as a drinking, smoking, cussing, over-sexed department store Santa. Seriously, Thornton's one of the best actors working today and he absolutely nails this part. And Thornton's not the only actor in this movie who nails his scenes. Tony Cox, Lauren Graham, Bernie Mac, John Ritter, and newcomer Brett Kelly seem to have had a contest going on to see who could steal the most scenes.

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
, Member laurengraham

i LOVED this movie! billy bob thorton absolutely nailed the character of willie. also, the actor who played the kid was really funny. he was so sweet in this film! i liked how lauren and billy bob played mommy and daddy in this movie. they weren't exactly perfect parents but they were funny!

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