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Who votes for the Golden Globes?


Question: Who votes for the Golden Globes?

Only the Academy Awards are considered bigger in America than the annual Golden Globes awards show. But when actors and filmmakers take to the stage to accept their awards and thank those who voted for them, who are they actually saying thank you to?

Answer: The Golden Globes are voted on by members of the world's media who call themselves the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. All members in the HFPA are based in Southern California but work for outlets based in countries outside of the United States of America. Membership normally hovers around 90.

Golden Globes are awarded in 25 categories with 14 given to films and 11 awarded to television productions. The group hasn't got the best reputation as its votes are often way off the charts, sometimes to such a degree as to make their decisions appear to be based on who has the biggest name in order to draw in viewers to their annual broadcast.


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