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Movie Awards, Honors, and Special Recognition

Info on the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, and other honors bestowed upon movies, actors, directors, producers, and other filmmakers.
  1. 2004 Film Awards (10)
  2. 2005 Film Awards (40)
  3. 2006 Film Awards (24)
  4. 2007 Film Awards (21)
  5. 2008 Film Awards (11)
  6. 2009 Film Awards (23)
  7. 2010 Film Awards (39)
  8. 2011 Film Awards (17)
  9. 2012 Film Awards (15)
  10. 2013 Film Awards (19)
  11. 2014 Film Awards (8)
  12. Oscar FAQs (6)
  13. Oscar Trivia Quiz (7)

2014 Critics' Choice Movie Awards - The Nominees
Complete list of Critics' Choice Movie Awards nominees for the 2014 event, representing 2013 movies.

Top 10 Movies of 2012
I switched out the bottom 3 over and over again, replacing them with three that ultimately landed on the Honorable Mentions list.

2014 Spirit Awards
Complete list of 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards nominees topped by Steve McQueen's "12 Years a Slave" and Alexander Payne's "Nebraska."

10 of the Worst Oscar Winners in History
Sometimes the Oscars get it right. You can't really argue with Gone with the Wind or The Godfather winning Best Picture awards, or Star Wars winning Best Special Effects, or Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster taking acting honors for Silence of the Lambs. But then there are other times when award winners are not so clear-cut and people argue endlessly about the merits.

top 10 movies 2013
2013's top 10 movies list has "12 Years a Slave" in the top position.

What Are the SAG Awards?
The Golden Globes and the Oscars may get more publicity, but actors seem to respond more genuinely to the annual SAG Award nominations. So, what are the SAG Awards and who votes for the winners?

Who Votes for the Golden Globes?
What organization is behind the Golden Globes and who gets to vote on the annual awards handed out early each year.

The Worst Oscar-Winning Songs
Some of these songs we never ever want to hear sung again.

Is There a Best Actress Oscar Curse?
Sandra Bullock's the latest in a long line of actresses who've had their personal relationships fall apart after winning the Best Actress Oscar. But is it a curse or simply the fact some men just can't deal with powerful Academy Award-winning mates? Whatever the cause, winning the Best Actress Oscar seems to be the death knell for relationships.

What Oscar Choice Did You Disagree With?
What Oscar winner left you shaking your head in amazement? We all have our own points of view on what films are award-worthy, which actors really deserve to be recognized for their work, and which director had the biggest impact in any given year.

2011 Saturn Awards
"Inception" tops the 2011 Saturn Awards nominee list, honoring science fiction, fantasy and horror films.

The 2011 Academy Award Nominees
List of 2011 Oscar nominees topped by The King's Speech with 12 nominations. Academy Awards 2011 nominations complete list.

178 Invited to Join the Academy
(June 2011) 178 actors, filmmakers, film executives and others in the entertainment industry have been invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

2014 Golden Globes
Complete list of the 2014 Golden Globe nominees honoring films and television shows released in 2013.

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