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Hugh Jackman Talks About 'Australia'


Hugh Jackman Talks About 'Australia'

Hugh Jackman in 'Australia.'

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Hugh Jackman Australia Press Conference

Now that you are 40 do you have to work harder?
Hugh Jackman: "Yes, we all know that. You just don’t get away with your errors, shall we say. You don't get away with them anymore, so you've just got to be a little more disciplined."

Do you work with a trainer?
Hugh Jackman: "Yeah, it is funny even calling him my trainer because Mike and I have been mates since I was 18. He is actually a fantastic trainer, but it is an odd relationship. He’s just the most competitive guy in the world. As he says, 'I will race you to the door.' He will be trash talking me the whole time like, 'This is pathetic, I’m going to smash you.' All that kind of ridiculous boy teenage behavior, that’s what we turn into."

How was it doing Wolverine with Gavin Hood and without the other X-Men?
Hugh Jackman: "Not as much kissing, no. I'll probably be talking to you guys about it in a few months so I won't go on, but it was fantastic. Gavin was a great director, very strong and has a great understanding of journeys and arcs of characters. These movies I think live or fail by their attention to the characters in the story. All the other stuff, all those powers and all that stuff which is terrific, is not at the heart of it. It's themes and it's characters and the struggles, that's the heart of them. Gavin's terrific. I did miss Halle Berry though."

Nicole Kidman said having kids makes you learn about yourself. What have you learned from having children?
Hugh Jackman: "It makes you learn about yourself. I think it also makes you learn about your own parents because I found myself, and my wife quite often says, ‘Oh, hello, Chris’- that’s my dad’s name – because the things coming out of my mouth sound exactly like my dad, which I swore on my life I’d never do! It’s the most annoying thing and it’s sort of bizarre. So in a way, yes you learn about yourself. You learn about your own relationship to your parents and how you want to parent. Also, I found that your marriage goes to a whole other level because not only do you kind of fall in love with your wife in a whole different way, but you’re also forced to kind of pull together your own philosophies about parenthood, even though you may have grown up in a completely different environment. Somehow you have to become this united front."

"I’m a big believer that the best way to learn or improve in a relationship [is] to...You have to go outside of yourself, whether it’s acting, it’s your partner and your director – really, who you’re working with – that’s who you have to trust and be open to. It’s not a singular experience when it’s parenting with your wife and when it’s with children. They are just the most pure reflection of the truth at any given moment. For example, not that I’m trying to bring it up, but this thing happened to me yesterday being labeled with something that, trust me, I never thought would happen and all my mates never thought would happen and reminded me about! But my son Oscar, who is 8, goes, ‘You? You’ve got to be kidding me!’ [Laughing] And I thought, 'There's the truth!'"

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