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Top 5 Spinoff Ready Pixar Characters


Pixar has become notorious for infusing their films with plenty of memorable figures, and there’s no denying many of their movies feature characters that could easily support films of their own – with the following five standing as the best examples of this:

1. Andy ('Toy Story 1-3')

Andy in 'Toy Story 3'
© Pixar

As one of the Toy Story series’ few human characters, Andy (John Morris) is a constant figure whose behavior dictates the actions of the various toys – as Woody’s (Tom Hanks) loyalty to his owner sets the plots of all three films into motion. By the time Toy Story 3 ends, however, Andy has passed Woody, Buzz (Tim Allen), and the rest of the gang onto a sweet little girl named Bonnie – which leads to the natural question of, what happens to Andy after Toy Story 3 concludes? Do his other possessions come to life? Are his iPod and alarm clock best buddies like Woody and Buzz? This could even be the starting point for a whole new trilogy, as the Pixar filmmakers chart Andy’s life from college through to starting his own family.

2. Carl and Ellie ('Up')

Carl and Ellie in 'Up'
© Pixar

This one is a bit of a cheat, as Up boasts a now-infamous stretch detailing Carl Fredricksen’s (Ed Asner) life with his beloved Ellie – from their childhood exploits right through to Ellie’s tragic passing decades later. But wouldn’t it be interesting to take a closer look at Carl and Ellie’s lives together? The film could be structured as a conventional romantic comedy, as we discover exactly how their relationship blossomed from a childhood friendship to a full-blown love affair. Some might argue that knowing the ending would detract from the film’s overall impact, although many classic romances still manage to pack a substantial emotional punch even though everyone knows how they end. (Think Romeo & Juliet or Love Story or Titanic.)

3. Roz ('Monsters, Inc.')

Roz in 'Monsters, Inc.'
© Pixar

With 2013’s Monsters University exploring the origins of Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley’s (John Goodman) friendship, it seems only logical that Roz (Bob Peterson) should get her own spinoff movie. When we first meet her, Roz is a stern administrative clerk who is constantly demanding Mike’s paperwork. But by the time Monsters, Inc. concludes, Roz has become a far more complex character than we might have initially suspected – as it’s revealed that she’s more than just an ill-tempered clerk. After Mike and Sulley foil the villain’s nefarious plot, Roz is unveiled as the Child Detection Agency’s top boss – which is an unexpected twist that leads to a host of new questions. (How did Roz get to that position? How long was she undercover?)

4. Edna Mode ('The Incredibles')

Edna Mode in 'The Incredibles'
© Pixar

Though she has just a few minutes worth of screen time, Edna Mode (Brad Bird) effortlessly manages to steal scenes away from The Incredibles’ central characters (including Craig T. Nelson’s Mr. Incredible and Holly Hunter’s Elastigirl). We don’t learn much about Edna in The Incredibles – a brief reference is made to Edna’s failed efforts at designing clothes for supermodels – which is exactly why she’d be perfect in a movie of her own. Edna’s spinoff film could either follow her adventures after The Incredibles, or it could detail her early days and explore just how she came to design outfits for superheroes.

5. John and Mary ('WALL-E')

© Pixar

There aren’t many flesh-and-blood characters in WALL-E, as the bulk of the movie revolves around the robotic title character and his ongoing exploits – including his sweet romance with fellow machine EVE. It’s not until WALL-E boards a futuristic space craft called the Axiom that the viewer first meets the film’s human characters, including a pair of oblivious, overweight figures named John and Mary. John and Mary, like the majority of the humans on the Axiom, have spent their lives communicating via monitors, with the pair finally forced to actually interact after WALL-E arrives on the scene. The two immediately fall in love, and it would certainly be interesting to find out where their romance takes them after the film ends.

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