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Erol Sander Discusses His Role in "Alexander"

From the World Premiere of "Alexander"


Erol Sander Alexander

Erol Sander at the World Premiere of "Alexander"

© Rebecca Murray
Erol Sander joined his fellow "Alexander" cast members at the movie's World Premiere in Hollywood. Looking handsome, relaxed, and extremely pleased to be around his "Alexander" buddies, German-born actor Erol Sander was obviously overjoyed to be talking about his role as Prince Pharnakes in Oliver Stone's epic drama, "Alexander."


Can you describe your character in "Alexander?"
I play Prince Pharnakes. I’m the brother of Darius the King of Persia. Alexander beats him, and I believe in his dreams and I follow him, to go over the limits of life.

Did you do any research or was it all in the script?
Well, it was a lot from the script but everybody learns. I was actually not so bad at history so I knew what we were playing (laughing).

Did you go through the boot camp?
Yes, I did. That was good. I was in the boot camp with Colin, we were in the same tent and we were partners. I had to learn to be noble, to be Persian, to show the culture. It was a great experience because it was just all of us guys together. No phones, no nothing, just together and learning the attitudes of that time.

Was it tougher to learn the attitudes or the actual fighting techniques of that time?
Nothing was tough about it. It was just a great experience. It gave you the possibility to learn, to be at the same time 300 years before Christ, and that is something special. It’s not tough, it’s great. We did it in six months. The people lived there 2,300 years ago and they lived 80 years in it. I had the possibility to live that whole thing in six months. That was beautiful.

Tell me about working with Oliver Stone.
I mean, I’m a German actor and it’s very special to be a part of a great movie like that. You pick [up] a little bit from everyone in this experience – Anthony Hopkins, Colin [Farrell] on the top of it, [Val] Kilmer, Angelina Jolie – all this experience, all these movies that they’ve done. And you work with them and you learn so much. I sucked [up] so much. They gave me a lot for my future.

What did you really take away from working on “Alexander?”
It’s just being on the point, just working at the point. When you’re together with such a team and you’ve got only six months – only six months – to show 30 years, to show seven years of war, you have to be on the point. And I learned to be on the point. I just concentrated.

But is it tough to sustain that for a six month shoot?
Colin says always ‘the lads’, the boys, were all together and that made it a beautiful part.

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