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Pierce Brosnan Talks About "After the Sunset"

From the LA Premiere of "After the Sunset"


Pierce Brosnan After the Sunset

Pierce Brosnan at the LA Premiere of "After the Sunset"

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Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek and Woody Harrelson star in the heist film, "After the Sunset," from director Brett Ratner ("Rush Hour"). Brosnan and Hayek play a couple of big-time thieves who retire to the Bahamas for some rest and relaxation. Harrelson co-stars as Stan, an FBI agent who doesn't believe their claim of retirement for one second. Stan thinks it's all a ruse and they're actually preparing to steal one of largest non-flawed diamonds in the world. Which, of course, just happens to be on a cruise ship tour that'll land it right in Brosnan and Hayek's tranquil vacation spot.

By the time Pierce Brosnan arrived at the LA Premiere of "After the Sunset," he'd already spent the day fielding questions about Bond, James Bond, while he was trying to promote his work in "After the Sunset." Rumor has it Brosnan may appear as Bond one more time in the proposed Quentin Tarantino version of "Casino Royale," but try as I might, I couldn't get an answer from the ever-charming Brosnan.

While attending the London Premiere of "After the Sunset," Brosnan had come out in support of fellow Irishman Colin Farrell as the man to take over the sought after role. But at the LA Premiere, Brosnan kept the conversation centered on "After the Sunset," which is what we were really gathered to discuss.


What did you like about Max?
Max Burdett is somebody who just loves life. He has a good time in life, likes people, and he just has a passion for stealing things. He likes the adrenaline rush of stealing, but he’s a good guy. We’re talking about a fantasy movie here, and we’re talking about a heist movie, which is also a buddy movie, which is also a romantic movie, and that’s a hard combination to kind of pull off. But I think Brett Ratner did it well.

What does director Brett Ratner bring to this movie?
Ratner’s mad, wonderful, chaotic, charismatic, crazy, silly, but somehow the work gets done and he manages to deliver films that are hugely entertaining and hugely popular. He is a fellow who loves film and loves where he’s at.

What would you say was the highlight of working on "After the Sunset?"
The highlight of this movie was becoming friends with Salma Hayek, Brett Ratner, and Woody Harrelson. And being there with my wife and children, and making something which, hopefully, people are going to enjoy and go and see and say, “That was a great night at the movies.”

Speaking of your co-stars, did you and Woody have fun working together?
Ohhh, Woody and I – we did. (Laughing) Where do you want to go with this? We did have a good time. We were close, Woody and I. We have chemistry. Our first day working together we were in bed together, Woody and I. I’ve had some leading ladies but Woody Harrelson takes the cake.

KEELY SHAYE SMITH: Not too much – leave them wanting more.

PIERCE BROSNAN: Oh, leave them wanting more (laughing).

KEELY SHAYE SMITH: You have to see the movie to get the whole picture.

PIERCE BROSNAN: It’s not that kind of movie!

How does this character’s style compare to your personal style?
Max’s style is my style. I mean, it’s really just kind of me having a good time. I like all kinds of styles. I like the style of Bond. I like the style of Max Burdett in “After the Sunset.” Style is about movement, style is about voice. Style is about how you get on with people. Style is many things, it’s more than just clothes.

Is doing a movie like this one as satisfying as some of your more dramatic roles?
I loved every job I’ve done, to tell you the truth, whether it be for TNT, USA, HBO, you name it. BBC… I’ve enjoyed it. I enjoy what I do as an actor. I enjoy connecting with people, and ultimately that’s why you play the game. It’s a lucky thing to do. It really is.

Does acting still challenge you?
It’s always a challenge being an actor because every role is different. Time goes on. You have time past, time present, time future. If you love what you do – and I love what I do – then you always want to get better. And you want to please people and make people have a good time.

You’re considered one of the most charming and sexy men in movies…
(Laughing) Long may it last.

What would you consider beautiful?
Honestly, people who love life. People who are sincere about life. People who do good things by each other.

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