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Justin Long Talks About The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang and Strange Wilderness


Justin Long Talks About The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang and Strange Wilderness

Justin Long and Blake Lively in Accepted.

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Justin Long’s Family Supports His Career – But Not Necessarily All of His Choices: “My family is Roman Catholic and kind of conservative and I did this movie Waiting, which is a very hard R, kind of crude, about waiters putting pubic hair in food and stuff, just gross stuff. I was like to my mom, ‘You really don’t have to see it.’ She was like [in ‘mom’ voice], ‘I have to see it. You’re in it. I want to support you. You’re in it. I’m gonna love it.’ She’s of the mentality that I’m better-looking than Brad Pitt. So she saw it and it was the first time… She’s been an actress and has been so supportive but she called me and said, ‘I saw the movie and you were adorable but oh my God, it was awful.’ She just tore the movie apart, just hated it.

Halfway though her rant about how awful it was and crude, this and crude that, she was like, ‘Oh, my God, your grandmother and Aunt Spud…’ My grandmother is a 90-year-old Sicilian and her best friend Spud is like 92. They are very old-fashioned and they were on their way to see it at the one theater in South Florida that was playing it. My grandmother just got a cell phone and didn’t know how to use it but miraculously she was able to answer. My mom was pleading with her, ‘Turn around. Don’t see the movie.’ My sneaky grandmother was like, ‘Okay, we’re turning around now,’ and Spud was like, ‘Who’s that?’ ‘No one.’ And they went and saw it and my grandmother was mortified. But she was like, ‘He’s in it. I’m gonna watch it.’ The next time I saw her, I was like, ‘Grandma, oh God, she heard me talk about testicles and pubic hair.’

I’m glad to do these movies because… My grandmother saw The Break-Up and I’m only in like four scenes and she didn’t realize it was me until halfway through the third scene. [In ‘gay’ voice] I’m playing very effeminate. She said to my mom, ‘He was very good at that,’ but not liked she liked it. She was questioning maybe I am a little fruited. But, I love you gram.”

Justin Long on His Upcoming Movies: “I had a small part in the Mike Judge movie Idiocracy and that’s September 1st [edited to note the release date has been pushed back]. I think in October is The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang which I’m really proud of. It’s my favorite movie I’ve ever done. We’ve played it at a lot of festivals and, at the risk of sounding really narcissistic, it’s the first thing I’ve done where I can watch it over and over and not feel weird or get sick of it. I hope that does well. And then Strange Wilderness is in March, I think. Then that’s it for me and then I go on The Surreal Life next year with Kato Kaelin.”

Is it Safe for His Grandmother to Watch Any of His Upcoming Films?: “I think she should be okay with Accepted and The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang has a family element. Spud, hopefully will be around to see it. I don’t think they’ll get that one though. I’m kind of a red-neck character. Then in Strange Wilderness I’m a stoner and there are a lot of references to smoking pot, weed, and she won’t like that. I think Sasquatch is my best bet. I’m starting to shoot a movie in August that’s a very nice love story, but there’s a little sexual stuff in that. I don’t think they’ll ever see anything I do again.”

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