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'21 and Over' Premiere Photos

Featuring Photos of Skylar Astin and Sarah Wright


Gallery of photos from the premiere of 21 and Over featuring Skylar Astin, Sarah Wright, Justin Chon, Anna Camp, Miles Teller, Trieste Dunn, Samantha Futerman, Alexis Knapp, Andy Dick, Bonnie Bentley, Cassie Scerbo, Christian Serratos, Christine Marzano, Israel Broussard, Jimmy Bennett, Jon Lucas, Scott Moore, REJ3CTZ, and Josh Sussman. (Photos © Richard Chavez)

The Los Angeles premiere of Relativity Media's 21 and Over was held on February 21, 2013.

Images 1-12 of 20
Skylar Astin 21 and Over premiere pictureSkylar Astin PhotoJustin Chon 21 and Over premiere pictureJustin Chon PhotoMiles Teller 21 and Over premiere pictureMiles Teller PhotoSarah Wright 21 and Over premiere pictureSarah Wright Photo
Sarah Wright 21 and Over premiere pictureSarah Wright PhotoAnna Camp 21 and Over premiere pictureAnna Camp PhotoAlexis Knapp 21 and Over premiere pictureAlexis Knapp PhotoChristian Serratos 21 and Over premiere pictureChristian Serratos Photo
Christine Marzano 21 and Over premiere pictureChristine Marzano PhotoCassie Scerbo 21 and Over premiere pictureCassie Scerbo PhotoBonnie Bentley 21 and Over premiere pictureBonnie Bentley PhotoDustin Ybarra 21 and Over premiere pictureDustin Ybarra Photo
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