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Hugh Jackman, X-Men Origins Wolverine Movie Photos
X-Men Origins: Wolverine photos featuring Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds, and Taylor Kitsch. Photos from the movie X-Men Origins Wolverine ...
'X-Men The Last Stand' Review - Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry
Review of the third X-Men movie, X-Men The Last Stand. X-Men The Last Stand movie review, synopsis and cast info.
Brett Ratner on X-Men The Last Stand, Comic Book Movies, Rush ...
Director Brett Ratner talks about the movie X-Men The Last Stand, the script, the storyline, taking on a comic book inspired film, and what's happening with Rush ...
The X-Men - Profile of Marvel's Mutants The X-Men - Comic Books
A profile of the X-Men. Read about who makes up The X-men, bios, interesting facts, their creators, origins, and more about The X-Men. The X-Men are one of ...
The X-Men - Profiles, Bios, Reviews, and More - Comic Books
Read about the X-Men. See profiles of the different teams and characters that are in the X-Men. Everything you wanted to know about the X-Men is here.
X-Men Character Gallery - Marvel Comics X-Men Gallery
A gallery of the popular X-Men characters from Marvel Comics. See the teams, characters, and villains of the X-Men universe.
Iceman Profile - Bio of Bobby Drake of The X-Men - Comic Books
A profile of Iceman, The X-Men's resident joker. Read about his first appearance, origin, powers, creators, and more.
Rogue - X-Men Mutant Character Profile - Comic Books - About.com
Rogue is one of the most popular X-Men characters and is an anchor member of the X-Men team. Read Rogue's profile to find out about her powers, history, and ...
Cyclops Profile - Bio of The X-Men Leader Cyclops - Comic Books
... of the X-Men. He is also the first mutant to be part of Xavier's Institute. Read a bio of the popular X-Men character and leader, Scott Summers, aka Cyclops.
Nightcrawler Profile - Bio of Kurt Wagner - X-Men's Nightcrawler
A profile of Nightcrawler from The X-Men. Nightcrawler is a great character in the X-Men universe with a colorful personality and history. Check out his origin, ...
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