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Calendar of Upcoming Movie Releases
Release dates, cast info, and other details on upcoming theatrical releases. Click on any month to see what's hitting theaters over the next year.
Upcoming Movies, New Releases, and Best of Films Lists
Or if you're interested in looking further into the future, then check out the Theatrical Release Calendar or browse the alphabetical list of upcoming releases.
Upcoming Theatrical Releases - Trailers, Plots, Photos and Cast Info
Detailed information on upcoming theatrical releases including links to individual trailers, interviews, movie news, official movie sites, production photos and cast ...
John Grisham - New & Upcoming Releases - Bestsellers - About.com
... Lead a Book Club Discussion. 4. The Innocent Man by John Grisham - Book Review. 5. John Grisham Book List. Bestsellers New & Upcoming Book Releases  ...
Nora Roberts - New & Upcoming Book Releases - Bestsellers
Nora Roberts releases several new romance novels every year. She has books in series and individual novels. Some are sweet and some are suspenseful.
Danielle Steel New & Upcoming Book Releases - Bestsellers
This article provides information about Steel's new and upcoming book releases, but if you would like to check out some of her other books you can find ...
James Patterson - New and Upcoming Book Releases - Bestsellers
James Patterson releases several new books every year, often co-written and many that are part of popular series. Here is what to expect from Patterson this ...
Dan Brown - New and Upcoming Releases - Bestsellers - About.com
Find out about the newest releases from bestselling author Dan Brown.
Mary Higgins Clark - New & Upcoming Releases - Bestsellers
... Start a Book Club. 4. How to Lead a Book Club Discussion. 5. 2008 Horror Movie Theatrical Release Schedule. Bestsellers New & Upcoming Book Releases ...
Jodi Picoult - Upcoming Book Releases - Bestsellers - About.com
Find out about Jodi Picoult's latest book release and what is on the horizon for this popular author. There's a date for her upcoming book and a short summary.
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