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Darren Aronofsky Interview on The Wrestler - Hollywood Movies
Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain) took a real chance casting Mickey Rourke as the lead in The Wrestler and it's a move that's paid off in ...
The Wrestler - Mickey Rourke on The Wrestler and Darren Aronofsky
Dec 17, 2008 ... Mickey Rourke talks about The Wrestler, working with director Darren Aronofsky, playing an aging wrestler, training for the role, and starring in ...
How to Become a Pro Wrestler - Tips From WWE Stars
Advice on how to become a wrestler by almost two dozen famous wrestlers, from work hard to go on the road to forget it and get an education.
Was Abraham Lincoln Really a Wrestler? - 19th Century History
President Abraham Lincoln was a very good wrestler as a youth and his wrestling exploits were used during his presidential campaign in 1860 and became part ...
Pro Wrestler's Deaths - Professional Wrestling - About.com
NEW YORK - MARCH 11: Wrestler Eddie Guerrero attends a press ... In today's environment, a wrestler must carry either an enormous amount of muscle or a ...
Top 10 Movies to Feature a Professional Wrestler
The 10 best movies to feature a professional wrestler in a featured role.
Pro Wrestler Mug Shots - Mug Shots of Professional Wrestlers
When a wrestler breaks the rules inside of the ring, they are given a five-count to correct their behavior. In real-life, when they break (or in some of these cases ...
'The Wrestler' Reveals Wrestling Secrets - Professional Wrestling
The answers to the questions you might have about the wrestling scenes in The Wrestler.
The Wrestler Review - Review of The Wrestler - Professional Wrestling
Review of the Academy Award nominated film, The Wrestler.
The Wrestler - Review, Photos, and Secrets of The Wrestler
Everything you wanted to know about The Wrestler.
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