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What Is Social Networking? (Web Trends) - About.com
An explanation of social networking including the basic architecture of a social network.
Social Network Guide - A List of Social Networks - Trends - About.com
What is a social network? Why should you join one? How can you get started with social networking? If you are new to the world of social networks, these ...
How to Create Your Own Social Network on Ning - A Guide ... - Trends
The popular social networking site Ning allows you to create your own social network. The ability to create your own social network allows you to create a site  ...
The Top Niche Social Networking Sites - Trends - About.com
A social network centered around video allowing people to upload their own video clips. engage in video chats with other members, and send video e-mail.
Mobile Social Network List - Trends - About.com
Dodgeball is a great mobile social network centered around the idea of letting your friends know where you are hanging out. Great for arranging spontaneous ...
A List of Friends-Based Social Networks - Trends - About.com
43 Things is a social network that focuses on goal setting. Members are linked by what goals they wish to attain and which goals they have already completed.
Social Networking Guide for Beginners - Trends - About.com
The Social Networking Guide for Beginners is an introduction to social networks offering help on what a social network is and the basic functions of a social ...
Book Social Networks - Trends - About.com
As a booklover's social network, Goodreads allows you to build a list of books, rate and review those books, and find out what your friends are reading. More .
Top Social Networking Sites of General Interest - Trends - About.com
With almost a billion visits per month, MySpace is the most popular social network. Aimed at a general audience, MySpace has something for everyone. More .
Social Network Support on IM - Instant Messaging - About.com
... networking support? Check out which IM clients support connecting to social networks. ... Before You Choose an IM, Check Out Their Social Network Support.
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