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The Fighter- Photos, Trailers, Reviews, and More - Hollywood Movies
The Fighter movie photos, review, trailer, The Fighter plot, interviews, poster, cast list and news for this dramatic film starring Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, and ...
Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, The Fighter Movie Photo Galleries
The Fighter photos featuring Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg, Melissa Leo, Amy Adams, and Jack McGee. Photos from the movie The Fighter starring Christian ...
The Fighter Movie Review - Hollywood Movies - About.com
Dec 17, 2010 ... Review of The Fighter, the dramatic movie starring Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and Amy Adams, and directed by David O Russell.
The Fighter (2010 Film): Fact vs. Fiction - Boxing - About.com
In terms of entertainment value and quality acting, The Fighter will likely earn multiple Academy Award nominations. However, in terms of historical accuracy, the ...
The F/A-18 Hornet Is the Fighter Jet of Choice
Multiple Roles Earn Pilot Praise. Since its first flight in November 1978, the F/A- 18 Hornet has proven to be an extremely reliable multirole fighter jet. The aircraft  ...
Christian Bale on The Fighter - Hollywood Movies - About.com
Christian Bale discusses The Fighter, the real Dicky Eklund, losing weight for the role, the Boston accent, and working with Mark Wahlberg and David O Russell.
Military Humor - The Fighter Pilot - US Military - About.com
An Air Force Fighter Pilot - dressed to kill in his dress blues - went to a bar and ordered a drink. As he sat there sipping his whiskey, a young lady sat down next  ...
The Fighter Movie Poster - Hollywood Movies - About.com
Poster for the movie The Fighter starring Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg. The Fighter movie poster starring Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg.
Review: Gym Class Heroes - The Fighter featuring Ryan Tedder
"The Fighter" is the third single from the Gym Class Heroes' album 'Papercut Chronicles II.' It was co-written, co-produced and includes a featured vocal by Ryan ...
Mark Wahlberg and David O Russell The Fighter Interview
Mark Wahlberg and director David O Russell discuss The Fighter, training for a boxing film, getting the movie into production, casting Christian Bale, Amy Adams  ...
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