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Colin Farrell Interview - Alexander and Oliver Stone
Interview with Colin Farrell about his role in Alexander, sexuality, and Oliver Stone's process.
Colin Farrell on Alexander, Oliver Stone, Playing Alexander the Great
Oliver Stone's "Alexander" is based on the true story of Alexander the Great, one of history's most influential leaders. With Colin Farrell in the role of Alexander, ...
Angelina Jolie Interview on Alexander, Oliver Stone
Interview with Angelina Jolie about the movie Alexander, working with Colin Farrell, and working for director Oliver Stone. Angelina Jolie interview from the ...
Oliver Stone's War Filmography - War Movies - About.com
Oliver Stone is one of the world's most famous filmmakers, and war (particularly the Vietnam War) is one of his favorite subjects to make movies about.
Oliver Stone and Alexander Military History - Hollywood Movies
Alexander the Great military history and comments from Colin Farrell and Oliver Stone on the making of Alexander the movie, training, and the battle scenes.
History of Alexander the Great Oliver Stone Movie - Hollywood Movies
Behind the Scenes of "Alexander" - The History of Alexander the Great. The Epic Film From Oliver Stone Starring Colin Farrell. By Rebecca Murray · Hollywood ...
Oliver Stone on the Set of Savages - Hollywood Movies - About.com
Photo of Oliver Stone on the set of the movie Savages.
Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer Review - Hollywood Movies
Review of the movie Alexander starring Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, and Val Kilmer, and directed by Oliver Stone.
Alexander (2004)- Photos, Trailers, Reviews, and More
Colin Farrell discusses getting into the character, working with Oliver Stone, and editing ... Gallery of photos from Oliver Stone's "Alexander" movie, starring Colin ...
Questions about Movies: Alexander movie, director oliver stone ...
Sep 2, 2005 ... director oliver stone, thick accent, irish accent: That was a creative decision made by director Oliver Stone after he cast Colin Farrell in the lead.
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