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Top Classic Romantic Movie Soundtracks - Hollywood Movies
10 of the best classic romantic movie soundtracks to listen to when your in the mood for love.
Top Picks-Romantic Movie Soundtracks 2000-2001
Top picks for purchasing romantic movie soundtracks from romance films released in 2000 or 2001.
Top Romantic Movie Soundtracks - 1970 thru 1999
Top picks for purchasing romantic movie soundtracks from movies released in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Best romance film soundtracks from the 1970s through the  ...
Best R&B Movie Soundtracks - R & B/Soul - About.com
... long after a movie has ended. In fact, the best soundtracks are cohesive units that can be enjoyed even without the benefit of seeing the film they're attached to.
Top Five Disney Pixar Soundtracks - Children's Music - About.com
The Top 5 Disney Pixar Soundtracks. ... Top 5 Disney Pixar Soundtracks. The Best Movie Soundtracks from Disney Pixar's Animated Films. By Warren Truitt.
Best Anime Soundtracks - About.com
Musical scores and soundtracks for anime are too often taken for granted as just another part of the whole. Break them out on their own, though, and you'll ...
Recommended Orchestral Video Game Soundtracks - Classical Music
Orchestral video game soundtracks make great additions to any classical music collection. Here are a list of orchestral video game soundtracks I highly ...
Best of '80s Movie Soundtracks - Music Playlist
Top 10 '80s Songs Featured on '80s Film Soundtracks. By Steve Peake · 80s Music Expert. Share this. 80s Music Categories. '80s Music 101 · Artists/Bands ...
Movie soundtracks featuring classic rock music
Even when you eliminate the obvious - biopics and documentaries about rock stars and events - you'll find that classic rock is a key part of today's feature films.
10 Best Danny Elfman Soundtracks - Animated TV - About.com
Danny Elfman is famous for composing the award-winning theme to 'The Simpsons.' But did you know he also wrote these soundtracks?
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