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Hugo - Awards - IMDb
HUGO unlocks the hearts of all who love the movies with a key forged by grand illusionist Martin ... More. HUGO unlocks the hearts of all who love the movies ...
Hugo Münsterberg - Biography and Profile - Psychology - About.com
Hugo Munsterberg was a German psychologist who is known for his contributions to applied psychology. Learn more about his life, career and theories in this ...
Hugo Chavez - Biography and Dictatorship - Latin American History
... over the years, many of them in the United States government. In the end, only cancer could remove Hugo Chavez from the Presidential chair of Venezuela.
Bodybuilding.About.com's Guide-Hugo Rivera's Biography
Hugo A. Rivera is an internationally-known best-selling fitness author of over 10 books on bodybuilding, weight loss and fitness.
Victor Hugo Biography - Classic Literature - About.com
(1802-1885) Victor Hugo is a famous French writer: novelist, playwright, essayist and poet. Some of his most well-known works include: Les Misérables and ...
Victor Hugo: Author Profile
Victor Hugo created heroic and virtuous characters—but also chronicled poverty, violence, and the dark side of human nature. Read our biography of this great ...
Victor Hugo List of Works - Classic Literature - About.com
Cromwell preface only (1819); Odes et poésies diverses (1822); Odes (Hugo) ( 1823); Han d'Islande (1823) (Hans of Iceland); Nouvelles Odes (1824) ...
Hugo de Vries - Evolution - About.com
Born February 16, 1848 - Died May 21, 1935. Hugo Marie de Vries was born on February 16, 1848 to Maria Everardina Reuvens and Djur Gerrit de Vries in ...
Victor Hugo Quotes - Quotations - About.com
The multi-faceted French author Victor Hugo was a poet, playwright, novelist, statesman, and human rights activist, all rolled into one. He authored many classics ...
The Rule of Hugo Chavez - Hugo Chavez's Venezuela Presidency
Hugo Chavez has ruled Venezuela since 1999, aiming to put into place his dreams of a Bolivarian revolution and infuriating critics with his curbs on press ...
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