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Lunar and Solar Eclipses, 2006 - 2014 - About Astrology
Dates and degrees for solar and lunar eclipses in the years 2006 to 2014.
Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Islam - About.com Islam
Muslims conduct special prayers during solar or lunar eclipses. Read examples of the prayers and how the prayers are performed.
Lunar Eclipses - Information About Lunar Eclipses
Simply put, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes directly between the Sun and the Moon. (This means that lunar eclipses, by definition, can only occur  ...
Lunar Eclipse - About the Lunar Eclipse - About Astrology
The Full Moon is always the alignment of the Sun and Moon in opposite Zodiac signs. The lunar eclipse happens when the Earth is smack dab in the middle, ...
Solar Eclipse - A Super Powerful New Moon - About Astrology
The Sun-Moon are aligned at the New Moon, in a restful, void like atmosphere of darkness. This eclipse brings the vitality of Sol into that magical void of ...
Libra Total Eclipse (April 15th) - About Astrology
A dramatic Libra Total Eclipse (April 15th, 2014) whirls up the cardinal grand cross.
Eclipses in Astrology - About Eclipses - About Astrology
Eclipses have always been gold-star days for those following the Sun and Moon as time-keepers. The Mayan calendar documents them all accurately from 3114 ...
Scorpio New Moon with Solar Eclipse - November 3rd, 2013
An extraordinary Scorpio new Moon and eclipse turning point, to die to the old and begin anew, November 13, 2012.
Ancient Eclipses - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
Both the Chinese and the Indians thought a snake attacked the sun during an eclipse. Noise making was an effort to scare the creature away. The earliest ...
Eclipse Aspects to Natal Planets - About Astrology
An eclipse (degree) that matches a planet (or stellium of planets) has a big impact. What's your forecast?
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