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Christian Bale - Movies, Photos, Interviews, Biography, and News
Way before Christian Bale took on the title role in the "Batman" film franchise, he had a huge presence on the internet. With a group of dedicated fans calling ...
Christian Bale on Fighter, Dicky Eklund, Losing Weight
Christian Bale discusses The Fighter, the real Dicky Eklund, losing weight for the role, the Boston accent, and working with Mark Wahlberg and David O Russell.
Christian Bale Movies and Biography - Hollywood Movies - About.com
Biography and movie list for actor Christian Bale, star of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, and 3:10 to Yuma.
Christian Bale Talks 'Dark Knight', Playing Batman, Heath Ledger
Christian Bale was sporting a buzz cut courtesy of another Warner Bros Pictures movie – Terminator Salvation – at the Los Angeles press junket for The Dark ...
Christian Bale Interview - The Prestige Magic Movie
Christian Bale talks about reuniting with Batman Begins director Christopher Nolan for the dramatic movie, The Prestige. Christian Bale on The Prestige, ...
Christian Bale Interview - Batman Begins and Sequels
Interview with Batman Begins star Christian Bale on taking on the role of Batman, taking Batman seriously, the other Batman movies, Frank Miller's books, ...
Christian Bale Talks Rescue Dawn - Hollywood Movies - About.com
Christian Bale discusses the movie Rescue Dawn co-starring Steve Zahn and directed by Werner Herzog. Christian Bale on Rescue Dawn, playing Dieter ...
Michael Caine Interview on Christian Bale Batman Begins
Interview With Michael Caine on "Batman Begins". Caine Discusses Playing Alfred and Working with Christian Bale. By Rebecca Murray · Hollywood Movies ...
Christian Bale Interview on Batman Begins - Hollywood Movies
Batman Begins star Christian Bale talks about getting into the Batsuit, the Batmobile, making Batman Begins a more character driven movie, and researching the ...
Christian Bale Interview - The New World, Terrence Malick
Christian Bale talks about The New World, Terrence Malick's style of filmmaking, learning from Malick, and working with newcomer Q'Orianka Kilcher who plays ...
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