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West Belfast - A Walk Through the Troubled History of Northern Ireland
Walking the troublespots of West Belfast sounds like a plan. So does jogging in a minefield. But Belfast has changed ... so walk the walk.
Dangerous Northern Ireland? Not really! - Ireland Travel - About.com
Many visitors to Ireland are wary of going into the six counties of Northern Ireland. ... Belfast and Ulster · Accommodation in Ireland · Food and Drink in Ireland ...
Best Romantic Belfast Ireland Attractions
Recommended attractions for couples in Belfast and Northern Ireland.
Belfast Black Taxi Tours - Ireland Travel - About.com
The black taxis originally were a response by Belfast republicans to deteriorating public transport in their areas. Today they have spawned a veritable industry of ...
Belfast Castle - Northern Ireland - Ireland Travel - About.com
Belfast Castle, like Belfast Zoo, is about halfway up Cave Hill and one of the nicest castles you'll find in Northern Ireland. Mainly because it was built for show  ...
Belfast City - An Introduction - Ireland Travel - About.com
Belfast was little more than a castle guarding the Lagan crossing until 1603. Today, Belfast is ... The Capital of Northern Ireland and Irelands Second Largest City.
Ulster Museum Belfast - Ireland Travel
Ulster Museum in Belfast - the exterior is neither inspiring nor promising. But the collections make up for this through both variety and quality. While the main ...
Divis Tower and Area - A Walk Through West Belfast - Ireland Travel
The landmark Divis Tower is on your left as you cross the intersection - dwarfing everything in sight. A monument to a failed experiment. The Tower and the once  ...
Peace Wall, Belfast, Northern Ireland - Senior Travel - About.com
The peace walls run right along residents' back yards, invading tranquil-looking neighborhoods with corrugated metal and barbed wire. Graffiti created by ...
Belfast Murals - Loyalist Murals in Belfast - Northern Ireland Images
Loyalist Murals in Belfast - an image gallery showcasing some of Belfast's famous murals.
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