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Taylor Lautner and Solomon Trimble Interviews

Taylor Lautner ('Jacob') and Solomon Trimble ('Sam') don't have a lot to do in Twilight, the movie based on bestselling book by Stephenie Meyer, but Twilight readers all know both 'Jacob' and 'Sam' play important roles in the sequels to Twilight - New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. And at Twilight's Los Angeles premiere both Lautner and Trimble said they're definitely ready for New Moon whenever Summit Entertainment, the studio behind Twilight, tells them it's moving forward.

Taylor Lautner – 'Jacob' in Twilight

What's the appeal of Twilight?

Taylor Lautner: "All of the fans can relate to the characters. I mean, a lot of our fans are in high school so they can relate. The other thing is it's a romance. The girls love the romance. But it's not only a romance – it's an action romance. So I think the movie is for everyone. It's got romance, action, horror, it's got everything."

Have you had any strange fan encounters while out on the Twilight tour?

Taylor Lautner: "The tour, it wasn't bad. But actually just over here there was some middle-aged woman. She's like, 'Guess what Taylor? I'm wearing the Team Taylor panties!' I'm like, 'No way.' And she's like, 'Would you mind signing them?' And luckily my publicist was right there and she's like, 'We've got to go do an interview.' And I'm like, 'Okay, yeah, I'll think about that one.'"

Would you have done it if you hadn't been pulled away?

Taylor Lautner: "Maybe. I don't know. No, I'm kidding. No!"

Are you ready for New Moon?

Taylor Lautner: "I am. That's why I'm telling all my fans see it three times and we should be good."

What do you think of the vampire versus werewolf issue?

Taylor Lautner: "Personally, I don't get the vampire thing. They're cold; werewolves are hot. I mean, cold, hot, come on! And I think Bella is just confused at the moment. She doesn't know what's best for her and the Team Edward fans, but they'll come around. They'll come around."

There are a lot of Team Jacob fans.

Taylor Lautner: "I was surprised. There are a lot more than I expected. It's awesome. I love just diving into the crowd and giving them hugs. It's fun."

Solomon Trimble – 'Sam' in Twilight

How are you doing?

Solomon Trimble: "I'm doing really well."

Are you eating this up because it looks like you're having a good time?

Solomon Trimble: "I am."

So how are you at signing your autograph?

Solomon Trimble: "I'm getting tennis elbow. This is new. No, I'm doing pretty good. When I first started it just wasn't good. Now my signature's got a little flow to it. The faster I go, the better it is."

Did you practice?

Solomon Trimble: "Yeah, I did, twice. Just once before for friends and then yesterday at Borders. There was a podcast and a signing with some of the cast there. That was only 200 people and I remember thinking my arm hurts and they said, 'Wait till tomorrow.'"

Maybe you should just do your initials?

Solomon Trimble: "I thought about that but it's too quick. It just looks like, I don't know, like Stonehenge. It's bad."

So you didn't know about Twilight, right, going into this?

Solomon Trimble: "My sister in law she was a crazy Twilight fan."

And then the screaming really kicks up because Robert Pattinson has made an appearance.

Now go.

Solomon Trimble: "She was a crazy fan and when I got cast I tried telling her, 'Yeah, I got cast as Sam Uley.' She thought I was lying, made it up. I'm like, 'Twilight, isn't this the book?' I knew quotes before I even read the book or was cast because she was so into it. And then, yeah, when she saw that I had the script she tried to rip it from me. I got a scar on my neck. She didn't get it."

So the next one, you should play a next bigger part, right?

Solomon Trimble: "Yeah, my schedule is open. I'll just say that. I have no idea what's going on but yeah, my schedule's open."

Are you buffing up?

Solomon Trimble: "Yes, I'm buffing up. I'm eating nothing but chicken and salmon and lifting heavy metal. The Twilight Awesomes are a group. They bought a gym membership. I went to my gym and like out of the blue they're like, 'Oh, you're three months ahead,' because I went to pay. It's like, 'Really?' And then I get this card for my birthday and they were like, 'Hey, we want Sam to be buff…' It's kind of a backhanded way to… I was like, 'Thank you Miss Jan and everybody in Twilight Awesomes.' Thank you."

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