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Dakota Fanning Interview

Dakota Fanning sinks her teeth into her first real teen role in the dramatic action/thriller Push. Fanning plays a clairvoyant (also known as a 'watcher') in the film, which finds her on the run from a secret organization out to control the world by using people with paranormal powers. And if things work out, her next role will also find her playing a character with special powers... Fanning's in talks to take on the part of Jane, a member of the powerful Volturi vampire clan, in the sequel to Twilight: New Moon.

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Exclusive Interview with Dakota Fanning

This is your first real teen role – and she's sarcastic. How much fun is it to dig into that?

Dakota Fanning: "It's great. She's a really fun character and really great to play."

How far apart is she from your personality at this point?

Dakota Fanning: "You know, I think I share kind of a little bit with all of my characters. But this one, she's kind of…she's far away from me. She pushes the envelope with everything that she says, and that was great to kind of be loose and just be able to say anything."

Chris [Evans] was saying that you were teaching him some cheers on the set.

Dakota Fanning: "I don't know where this came to me teaching him cheers. He made that up. He was making fun of me, and he made those up."

Really? So you did not teach him. Set the rumor straight.

Dakota Fanning: "Yes, yes. He made those up."

What did you guys do in your off time hanging around in Hong Kong?

Dakota Fanning: "You know, we were working a lot of the time. It was great. It was great to be on the set because we were actually on the streets so it wasn't like we were cooped up in a studio. We were actually out there which was really fun."

And they had to not close off traffic – you actually did things on the fly?

Dakota Fanning: "Yeah, it was. We were just like amongst the people, which was really cool."

Last question… Jane [in [New Moon]? Do you want to play her?

Dakota Fanning: "I do. It's too soon to say for sure if that will happen, but it would be a really cool opportunity."

And you can be evil?

Dakota Fanning: "Yeah!"

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  • Djimon Hounsou ('Agent Carver')
  • Camilla Belle ('Kira')
  • Neil Jackson ('Victor')
  • Ming Na ('Emily')
  • Maggie Siff ('Teresa')
  • Director Paul McGuigan
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