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Camilla Belle Interview

Camilla Belle plays a 'pusher' in the dramatic action/thriller Push and no, this 'pusher' has nothing to do with drugs. Belle's character is able to use her special mental powers to influence others around her, making her one of the most powerful people in the Push universe. On the red carpet at the film's LA premiere, Belle talked about her action scenes and filming on the fly in Hong Kong.

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Exclusive Interview with Camilla Belle

Working in Hong Kong, I heard that they didn't close off the streets and that you got kidnapped [in the movie] and nobody cared.

Camilla Belle: "This is very true."

The passersby watched you?

Camilla Belle: "This is very true. I think that a few times some people really freaked out, but they just kept on going on with their daily lives and couldn't care less."

How tough was that for you when they're basically just shooting on the fly?

Camilla Belle: "I thought it was really… I enjoyed it, actually, because there were a lot of times they were trying to get shots and people would get in the middle of the way, they'd get in the camera, and so then we had to hide the camera. It was inside markets, inside cars, inside buildings. I loved it because you never really knew where the camera was. You kind of went on with the scene, you didn't know what they were shooting, but I liked it."

Did that mean you only had one take?

Camilla Belle: "No, we had a few. We would do a few. No, it wasn't just one take. But you never knew what they were shooting."

How tough was it to do the action?

Camilla Belle: "I love it. I really love it. I have a couple of fight scenes in the film. It was just so much fun."

And you did your own stunts?

Camilla Belle: "I did."

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