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"Turistas" Movie Credits

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ALEX - Josh Duhamel
BEA - Olivia Wilde
PRU - Melissa George
FINN - Desmond Askew
AMY - Beau Garrett
LIAM - Max Brown
KIKO - Agles Steib
ZAMORA - Miguel Lunardi

Director: John Stockwell
Writer: Michael Arlen Ross
Producers: John Stockwell, Marc Butan, Scott Steindorff, and Bo Zenga
Executive Producers: Todd Wagner, Mark Cuban, Elaine Dysinger
Director of Photography: Enrique Chediak
Underwater Cinematographer: Peter Zuccarini
Production Designer: Marlise Storchi
Editor: Jeff McEvoy

RUNNING TIME: 89 minutes
MPAA RATING: R for strong graphic violence and disturbing content, sexuality, nudity, drug use and language
RELEASE DATE: December 1, 2006

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STUDIO: Fox Atomic

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