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Top Romantic Fantasy Movies
They're unusual, the love stories are offbeat, and the storylines defy reality. That's pretty much the description of a romantic fantasy film. The following films were chosen because their romantic storylines involve elements of magic, whimsy or make believe. From a young Tom Cruise in "Legend" to a rugged Rutger Hauer in "Ladyhawke," these wonderful flights of fancy are sure to captivate romantic movie fans.
1) "Legend" DVD Collector's Edition
The special two disc edition of "Legend" is expected to be released in the near future and will feature a veritable smorgasbord of extras. Special bonus features on the "Collector's Edition" will include "Creating a Myth: The Making of Legend," the director's cut, a restored version featuring Jerry Goldsmith's score, and "The Fairy Dance" music and storyboards depicting the lost scene.
2) "The Princess Bride"
"The Princess Bride" features swashbuckling action, a mighty giant, an evil prince, and everlasting love. What more could you ask for from a date movie? The Special Edition DVD includes a "Making Of" featurette and behind-the-scenes action.
DVD Review
3) "Ladyhawke"
Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer star in this story of true love, honor and courage. The love their characters share is more important to them than any thing else on earth, including their own lives. "Ladyhawke" is a beautiful film featuring a stellar cast and a wonderfully romantic love story.
4) "Excalibur"
"Excalibur" brings the myth of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table to the screen - again - this time around highlighting the fantasy and romance surrounding the legendary sword. The superb cast makes this 1981 retelling a step above all the others.
5) "Willow"
Ron Howard directed this romantic tale that mixes fantasy, action & adventure, sorcery, and comedy. Val Kilmer stars as the unlikely hero who helps Willow the dwarf rescue a special child and battle an evil Queen.
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