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Interview with Callum Blue and Chris Pine from "Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement"
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Anne Hathaway and Chris Pine star in
"Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement."
Photo © Walt Disney Pictures
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What were your auditions like for "Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement?"
CHRIS PINE: Hysterical. Again, I didn't think I really had a chance for it. My first one was easy, I read for the casting directors. And then the second one I read for Garry in this big kind of rehearsal room in the Falcon Theater, which he owns. And it was him and a couple of the producer's maybe, and then just a gaggle of girls and their moms. It was more like I was auditioning for the girls (laughing). It was great. I read and then Garry's like, "Stop, stop. You don't have to read anymore." He asked me if I spoke Spanish, spoke French, played the guitar. So it was super fun.

Why does your character wear glasses instead of contact lenses in the movie?
CHRIS PINE: I know, everybody has been asking that. I tried but it was so dry that winter that my eyes got really red and that doesn't look too sexy on camera. I had to take them out and just pop eye drops all the time and kind of learn how to act without seeing.

I'm near-sighted. I can see you but it's a little blurry. I'm pretty bad. In 3rd grade I had to get glasses and I cried for days because I thought I was going to be a dork. But glasses make people very, very cool (laughing).

Which do you prefer, TV or movies?
CHRIS PINE: I prefer working. I'm just happy to work in whatever medium. People make a big difference about TV and film and I guess, for me, it's the character and the part, and the people who surround me. Especially on "Princess Diaries," it was like not even a question working with Garry and Julie and Hector [Elizondo] and Callum, all these people who've been around for so long.

CALLUM BLUE: Three years, I'm not over the hill (laughing). For me, at this stage in my career, I like TV better because I got to live with my character in "Dead Like Me" for two seasons. I come into a movie and it's harder because I got the character in the last week of shooting, and that's no good to me. I think when you're an experienced film actor, you can come in and turn it on straight away. But for me, it takes a little bit of time. For me at the moment, TV is rewarding me more because I really get the character.

What do you do when you're not working?
CALLUM BLUE: I've been out of drama school for three and half years and I've worked constantly. I think I had three months off once and I panicked. I was like, "Oh my God, I'm never, ever going to work again," so I just drank a lot of beer - and it really helped.

CHRIS PINE: I've been reading a lot of mediation books recently... I've been boxing a lot, which has been good. The big thing when I got this part was they wanted to pump me up because I'm a skinny little bean pole. They're like, "Can you work out a little bit?" And, of course, I start working out after the movie (laughing). I've seen a lot of movies. But it's so true, the big fear for an actor is when the dream is going to end.

CALLUM BLUE: It could happen at any time, so you have to be thankful for every day.

CHRIS PINE: Exactly. I think I'm going to do a couple of musicals coming up.

Will you sing?
CHRIS PINE: Yeah, I'm going to sing. Just trying to work, writing a little bit, a few short stories, and working on a screenplay. Music, I think I'm going to be a closet rock star.

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