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"Merchant of Venice" Movie Credits

Joseph Fiennes in "Merchant of Venice"
Photo © Sony Pictures Classics
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BASSANIO - Joseph Fiennes
SHYLOCK - Al Pacino
PORTIA - Lynn Collins
ANTONIO - Jeremy Irons
JESSICA - Zuleikha Robinson
GRATIANO - Kris Marshall
LORENZO - Charlie Cox
NERISSA - Heather Goldenhersh
LANCELOT GOBBO - Mackenzie Crook
SALERIO - John Sessions
SOLANIO - Gregor Fisher
OLD GOBBO - Ron Cook
TUBAL - Allan Corduner

Director: Michael Radford
Screenplay: Michael Radford
Producers: Cary Brokaw, Barry Navidi, Jason Piette and Michael Lionello Cowen
Executive Producers: Manfred Wilde, Michael Hammer, Peter James, James Simpson, Alex Marshall, and Robert Jones
Director of Photography: Benoit Delhomme
Editor: Lucia Zucchetti
Production Designer: Bruno Rubeo
Costume Designer: Sammy Sheldon
Music: Jocelyn Pook

RUNNING TIME: 127 minutes
MPAA RATING: R for some nudity
RELEASE DATE: December 29, 2004 (Limited)

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STUDIO: Sony Pictures Classics

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