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"Kangaroo Jack" Soundtrack News
Los Angeles, Dec. 10, 2002

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New young stars (Paulina Rubio, DJ Otzi, Sugababes, Wiseguys, Lil' Romeo, Shawn Desman), new songs (including one from Shaggy), and a couple of classics (from Sugarhill Gang and Colin Hay of Men At Work) are heard on the hopping good fun "Kangaroo Jack: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Hip-O Records/UMG Soundtracks), released January 14, 2003.

Leading the party is the dance track "Hey Baby," which recently hit #1 in several countries, including the U.K. and Germany (where it toppled Madonna). The song from Austrian sensation DJ Otzi will be in stores as a commercial single on December 17, 2002 and releases to radio the first week of January.

"Kangaroo Jack," opening January 17, 2003 (Warner Bros. Pictures), is a raucous family comedy from producer Jerry Bruckheimer ("Remember The Titans," "Top Gun," "Beverly Hills Cop") about two best friends who are asked to deliver an important package to a mysterious man in Australia. Their comic misadventures begin when one of the guys dresses up a kangaroo in his coat, forgetting about the package in his coat pocket. When the energetic kangaroo springs off into the Outback, the guys have no other choice but to give chase. "Kangaroo Jack" was directed by David McNally ("Coyote Ugly"), and stars Jerry O'Connell ("Tomcats"), Anthony Anderson ("Barbershop," "Big Momma's House"), Estella Warren ("Planet Of The Apes") and Christopher Walken.

Starring on the soundtrack is Shaggy with "Hey Sexy Lady" from his 2002 album "Lucky Day," the follow-up to his six-time platinum "Hot Shot." Among the album's rising acts is Paulina Rubio, one of Mexico's most popular singers and actresses ("Paulina" was 2001's best-selling Latin album). 2002's "Border Girl," her first English-language effort, features "Casanova." From the U.K. comes the young, sassy female trio Sugababes, who scored with "Overload," and is heard on "Kangaroo Jack" with "Round, Round" from 2002's "Angels With Dirty Faces."

Teenage Canadian Shawn Desman has debuted with a 2002 self-titled album that includes "Spread My Wings." Lil' Romeo, whose "My Baby" hit #1 when he was just 11 years old, contributes "2Way" from 2002's "Game Time," the latest from the son of rap mogul Master P. The Wiseguys' U.K. big-beat techno "Start The Commotion" was culled from 1998's "The Antidote," best-known for the breakbeat party anthem "Ooh La La."

A vintage track on "Kangaroo Jack" is "Rapper's Delight," the landmark Sugarhill Gang single which launched hip-hop in 1979. A re-done classic is a rendition of "Down Under," the #1 hit in 1983 from New Wave phenomenon Men At Work, by the band's Colin Hay. "Down Under," of course, refers to the band's homeland of Australia, making the song a natural for "Kangaroo Jack."

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SOURCE: Hip-O Records/UMG Soundtracks

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