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"How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" Soundtrack News

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"How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" Movie News, Trailer and Info
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(Jan 2003) Virgin Records announced they will be releasing the soundtrack to the motion picture "How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days" on January 28th, 2003. The film's soundtrack has already spawned the hit single "Somebody Like You" by Keith Urban (#1 track on R&R's Country Top 50 Singles, #1 on Billboard's Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart).

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaghey star in the romantic comedy which follows Andie Anderson (Hudson), a reporter with an assignment. Andie's been charged with finding a guy, getting him to fall in love with her, and then making all the normal dating mistakes so he'll wind up dumping her in ten days. McConaughey co-stars as her hapless victim.

"How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"
Track Listing:

1. Keith Urban - "Somebody Like You" (single, movie/soundtrack mix)
2. Luce - "Good Day"
3. Chantal Kreviazak - "Feels Like Home"
4. George Thorogood - "Who Do You Love"
5. Al Green - "Let's Stay Together"
6. Gin Blossoms - "Follow you Down"
7. Carly Simon - "You're So Vain"
8. Sixpence None the Richer - "Kiss Me"
9. Fisher - "L-O-V-E"
10. Beu Sisters - "Catch Me if You Can"
11. Chantal Kreviazak - "Weight of The World"

Interested in purchasing the soundtrack? Compare prices here.

SOURCE: Virgin Records

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