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Chris Koch Talks About "A Guy Thing"
by Rebecca Murray

Director Chris Koch at the World Premiere of "A Guy Thing"
Photo© Rebecca Murray - All Rights Reserved.

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CHRIS KOCH [Director)

What sets this movie apart from all other romantic comedies?
First of all, we had to decide to make this one funny (laughing). You know what it is? This one is about real moments that guys can relate to. There are real moments in life that make me laugh and make guys laugh. My dad laughs because he's been there. Kids that are like 16-18 laugh because they are going to be there or are just getting there. I'm in my 30s so I'm just beyond it, I guess.

How difficult was it for you to make Selma Blair's character likeable?
That was very important. How easy would it have been to make Selma a two-dimensionally nasty person that it would have been easy to root for Jason [Lee] to walk away from? Now I'm not spilling the beans, we don't know what he's going to do, but it was so important to me that Karen (Selma Blair's character) be funny, sexy, smart, likeable - to make her a really hard choice to walk away from. You know what I'm saying? It had to be a real decision. Selma, I knew, could do that. I wanted to cast someone who was so funny and likeable and great, in that part. She was amazing.

Did you originally have Selma Blair in mind for that role?
She came to us and wanted to play Becky (Julia Stiles' role), which was great. I wanted to force her to do something that was not crazy, but where she had to be a little more conservative. I knew that her natural craziness would sort of leak out, which it did. She had a hard time containing that. She made Karen a little eccentric.

Selma Blair was cast as the reserved, upper-class fiancée in “Legally Blonde.” Do you think that more reflects her personal style?
Not after you meet her. She's so opposite “Legally Blonde.” She really is like Becky, more like Julia's character in real life.

Did you allow your actors to do a lot of ad-libbing or did you go strictly by the script?
No, there was a lot of improv. Let's put it this way: when the writers' first saw the movie they said, “So, did you shoot anything that we wrote?” They wrote a great script but we wanted to do a lot of improv, especially with Jason. It's his movie, he's in it all the time. He's never improv'd this much, ever.

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