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"Ghost Rider" Movie Credits

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JOHNNY BLAZE - Nicolas Cage
BLACKHEART - Wes Bentley
ROXANNE - Eva Mendes
CARETAKER - Sam Elliott
MACK - Donal Logue

Director: Mark Steven Johnson
Screenplay: Mark Steven Johnson
Producers: Avi Arad, Steven Paul, Michael De Luca, and Gary Foster
Executive Producers: E Bennett Walsh, Stan Lee, Norm Golightly, David S Goyer, Lynwood Spinks, and Ari Arad
Director of Photography: Russell Boyd
Production Designer: Kir M Petruccelli
Editor: Richard Francis-Bruce
Visual Effects Supervisor: Kevin Mack
Costume Designer: Lizzy Gardiner

MPAA RATING: PG-13 for horror violence and disturbing images
RELEASE DATE: February 16, 2007
RUNNING TIME: 114 minutes

STUDIO: Sony Pictures

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