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"Unfaithful" on DVD
"Unfaithful" DVD

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"Unfaithful" Synopsis:
Edward (Richard Gere) and Connie (Diane Lane) have a satisfying marriage. Their young son Charlie (Erik Per Sullivan) is a good kid, the family is well off, and apparently all are in good health. Despite these outward appearances - or maybe because of them - Connie becomes sexually involved with Paul (Olivier Martinez), a handsome foreigner she met briefly during a wild windstorm.

As Connie and Paul's passionate affair heats up, Edward begins to suspect there's something going wrong with his once happy marriage. When Edward uncovers the truth, the consequences of all their actions will forever shatter their once peaceful lives.


"Unfaithful" is a sexy, erotic thriller with a cast of mature actors who deliver some of their finest performances. Director Adrian Lyne allows the movie to make its own way, unrushed and with great patience, so that the audience can get to know each of the main characters. The film builds ever so steadily to its dramatic climax, allowing audiences to become transfixed with the intimate lives of this doomed love triangle.

Loaded with bonus features, "Unfaithful's" DVD provides a veritable bounty of featurettes and interviews with the cast and director Adrian Lyne. Anything you ever wanted to know about the making of "Unfaithful" has been included on this DVD.


11 Deleted Scenes with Optional Commentary by Director Adrian Lyne:
-"'Night Mom" - Gentle scene between mother and son;
-"Chance Meeting" - Connie (Diane Lane) and Paul (Olivier Martinez) have a chance meeting on the train;
-"Another Phone Call" - Connie receives a phone call from Paul while she's at home with her family;
-"At the Movies" - An extension of the scene in the movie theater. In this deleted version, Paul and Connie act like strangers who meet and then make love;
-"No One There" - A family scene with the video camera recording Connie's reactions to her husband Edward (Richard Gere) answering the phone;
-"Between Floors" - An extended scene of Edward battling with the broken elevator;
-"Go Back to Bed" - Charlie (Erik Per Sullivan) awakens and questions his father;
-"Blood Red Wine" - Interesting overhead shot of the dinner party and an accidental spilling of red wine;
-"The Detective Calls" - The detective calls while Connie and Paul are at the charity auction;
-"Only a Ticket" - Great scene of Connie and Paul reacting to a police officer; and
-"The Police Station" - An alternate ending which I'm glad Adrian Lyne decided not to use.

Additional Bonus Features:
-Commentary with director Adrian Lyne and selected scene commentaries from Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez.
-"An Affair to Remember: On the Set of 'Unfaithful'" - Featurette that goes behind the scenes of the film. Lyne explains his motivation for making the movie and his inspiration for many of the scenes he used in the film. Additional interviews with Diane Lane and Richard Gere.
-"Anne Coates on Editing" - Editor Anne Coates describes her style of editing and what it was like to work with Adrian Lyne.
-"Charlie Rose Interviews" - Rose talks with Adrian Lyne, Diane Lane and Richard Gere.
-Individual interview segments with Richard Gere, Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez.
-Director's Script Notes, "Unfaithful's" theatrical trailer, and trailers for "Daredevil" and "Dancer Upstairs."

Additional coverage of "Unfaithful" including interviews with the cast, production photos, and websites ->

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