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"Empire" Movie Credits

John Leguizamo stars in "Empire"
Photo ©2002 Universal Pictures
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VICTOR ROSA - John Leguizamo
JACK - Peter Sarsgaard
TRISH - Denise Richards
JIMMY - Vincent Laresca
LA COLOMBIANA - Isabella Rossellini
IRIS - Sonia Braga
CARMEN - Delilah Cotto
RAFAEL MENENDEZ - Nestor Serrano
CHEDDA - Treach
JAY - Rafael Baez
TITO SEVERE - Fat Joe (Joseph Cartagena)
HECTOR - Carlos Leon
JOSE - Felix Solis
JASON - Omar Pastran
DETECTIVE JONES - Granville Adams
LITTLE BOY - Jean Luke Figueroa
WAITRESS - Nicole Fisher
MARIA - Maritza Morgado
BOBBY GOLD - Sam Coppola
CHEENA - Karina Arroyave
MARK - Mike Figueroa
AUNT - Marta Vidal
TEENAGER - Andre De Leon
RECEPTIONIST - Monica Steuer
RAUL - Teo Castellanos
CLEO - Tanya Byers

Director: Franc Reyes
Written By: Franc Reyes
Producers: Daniel Bigel and Michael Mailer
Executive Producers: Robert B. Campbell, Evan Lamberg, and Steven C. Beer
Director of Photography: Kramer Morgenthau
Film Editor: Peter C. Frank
Production Designer: Ted Glass
Music Supervisor: Kathy Nelson
Costume Designer: Jacki Roach
Casting: Sig De Miguel
Original Music Composed By: Ruben Blades
Art Director: Frank White III
Set Decorator: Jacqueline Jacobson-Scarfo

MPAA RATING: R for strong violence, pervasive language, drug content and some sexuality
RELEASE DATE: December 6, 2002 (Limited)

SOURCE: Universal Pictures

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