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Before You Buy Romantic Movies on DVD

Romance fans have an enormous amount of movies to choose from, and, with so many available, it's easy to go into overload mode when looking for a new romantic movie on DVD. Should you go with that manly romance - plenty of action mixed with just a few scenes of love - or choose the romantic comedy that you missed while it was in theatres? These are just a couple of things to consider before making that DVD purchase.

Eggs and Other Treats

What did we do before DVDs? Easter eggs, deleted scenes, and commentary from the actors and the crew are all important features made possible by the advent of movies on DVD. Just how important are these bonus features? It truly depends on your own personal taste, however, if you do enjoy the added bonus features, then online sources can provide you with the info you need to help make your buying decision easier. A great source of info on the specifics of individual DVDs is About.com's own Home Video/DVD Guide.
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Not Just Flicks for Chicks

One of the most important considerations to keep in mind is your audience. Who besides you will be sitting down with a bowl of popcorn and popping the DVD into the player, and what are their tastes in movies. Just because you're a romantic movie fan doesn't mean others won't groan at the mere mention of watching a so-called "chick flick." If you're purchasing the DVD as a gift, consider the recipient's favorite actors, actresses, and movie genres. Even the most die-hard action/adventure fan probably has a few romantic movies they enjoy watching - even if it's on the sly.

Read Up on Romance

So, you aren't the most romantic person on Earth. That doesn't mean you can't select a romantic movie as a gift for a friend, family member or loved one. One of the great things about movies is that there's an incredible amount of people out there who love to share their opinions on what's a dud and what's a sure thing. There's an absolute abundance of online movie review websites, and a wealth of reviewers willing to help you make an intelligent romantic movie purchase. Locating one or two reviewers you personally agree with is difficult, but once you find someone with similar tastes, check out their recommendations of romance films.

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