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Interview with Cerina Vincent & Samm Levine from "Not Another Teen Movie"
by Rebecca Murray and Fred Topel

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Will your "Power Rangers" fans appreciate this when they're old enough to see it?
Cerina: I think they're already old enough to see it, unfortunately. I don't know. I hope that they'll appreciate this.

Was it so long ago that the kids are now old enough to see an R-rated movie?
Cerina: Let's see, when was I in "Power Rangers." It was a year and a half ago, I guess, but the "Power Rangers" fans range from eight to 45, or eight to 15 and then 19 to 45 or something like that, so there will be some crossover I think.

Was part of this an attempt to get out of the kids genre?
Cerina: No, not at all actually. But I did think about that, like wow, "I guess I'm not really going to be a superhero anymore." Or parents aren't going to want me to be.

But how do they sell you on a character that's naked the entire movie?
Cerina: Well, it was a very difficult decision for me. I've never done nudity before. I never even auditioned for roles that had nude scenes in them. After reading the script, it is so funny. I am a fan of "American Pie" and I get to spoof Shannon Elizabeth's character. This role really stuck out to me before I even knew which role I was reading for, or auditioning for. I just thought it was so funny. It says [in the script] "Areola - she's totally naked the whole movie but nobody notices." And [it mentioned] all the different accents. I had to talk myself into it. My mom had to talk me into it. My manager -

Your mother talked you into doing nudity?
Cerina: Because I was like, "Mom, I don't know, be naked? I don't know." She said, "I think that this could be a good career move."

Did she tell you you have a beautiful body?
Cerina: Yes, she did. She's my biggest fan. I mean, she read the script and thought it was funny. It was her professional opinion too, I guess. But anyway, after doing it it was not as difficult as I thought it was going to be. It was actually very liberating. I was so scared, I was so nervous about it and it ended up being great and it's all in comedy and in a sense I'm making fun of myself.

But casting agents will probably ask you to be in more roles with nudity. How will you handle that?
Cerina: Absolutely. They'll absolutely think because you've done it once that you'll do it again, but that's not where I'm going to go. I'm not gonna be the booby girl.

You and Samm are paired up to do interviews. Are you getting tired of hearing these questions, Samm?
Samm: I can't get enough of having her talk about herself naked. I'm the luckiest guy at this junket (laughing). Cerina and I had a scene together - a really funny scene that, unfortunately, is on the cutting room floor. Everyone will be able to see it when they buy the DVD. It is etched in my brain.

Cerina: The world needs to see it because it is really funny. It pulls everything together.

What happens in this scene?
Samm: It's the payoff of both of our characters a little bit. I really don't want to give too much away because I want people to buy the DVD and be surprised when they see the deleted scenes. It's a genuinely funny scene, with the payoffs of both of our characters' jokes.

Were the guys on the set friendlier to you when you were dressed, or when you were naked?
Cerina: Friendlier when I'm dressed. When you are naked, nobody talks to you. Nobody gives you any compliments. You're like, "Did that suck? Was that okay, hello?"

What did you study of the 80s or 90s teen movies?
Samm: I was always a huge 80s movies fan. For me, I had to watch more of the 90s movies to really get the whole gist of this film. I'd never seen "She's All That" until after I found out I got this part, then I thought I should probably see that. I loved all the John Hughes movies of the 80s - "The Breakfast Club," "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," "Some Kind of Wonderful."

How did studying those help you to perform in this film?
Samm: I don't want to say I studied them so much as they are parts of my life as I was growing up. That helped in the sense of how to play the character with the mix between spoof comedy and a little bit of realism to it, to make the character my own. I had to watch a lot of the 90s movies, but I was already a big fan of "American Pie," which my character sort of spoofs. They have to lose their virginity before Prom, and Prom is Saturday during the first week of school (laughing).

Did you study the classic spoof films, such as "Airplane" or "Naked Gun?"
Samm: I'd always been a big fan of those. I thought the Abrahams Brothers sort of made the spoof movie an acceptable thing to do. Before them, nobody had tackled that. I think without them, we probably wouldn't be making this movie today.

Have you seen "Scary Movie?"
Samm: Yes. I try not to compare this movie to "Scary Movie." That one spoofs horror movies which has its own kind of audience. This spoofs just the regular teen movie genre, which I think more people can connect with. Teenagers and people who like horror movies - I know they do really well but I think it's a different group of people. I hope this movie can reach a broader audience.

Cerina: Because we are going back so far in spoofing the 80s teen comedies all the way up to what we are doing now, the audience will be a bigger group.

What other projects are you working on?
Cerina: I just got back from North Carolina. We shot David Lynch's "Cabin Fever." It's a horror movie about that flesh-eating virus. It's even more horrifying because there's a lot of truth in it. I just finished that. David Lynch is the Executive Producer. The film is like "Mulholland Drive" in that you see things that you're not exactly sure what they mean. You can have your own take on things. There's a lot of symbolism. There's the basic plot and then a lot of bizarre symbolism and you're not exactly sure what it means.

Samm: I'm working on a film right now. As of this moment it's called "After School Special." It may change, it may be called "Barely Legal." It's not an after school special, it's a film for theatres. I also did two episodes of the Fox show, "Undeclared." It's done by the same executive producer as "Freaks and Geeks."

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