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Interviews From the Premiere of "Shallow Hal"

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Gwyneth Paltrow (Rosemary)
Jack Black (Hal)
Director Peter Farrelly
Tony Robbins
Joe Viterelli (Steve Shanahan)
Brooke Burns (Katrina)

Photographs from the Premiere

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Can you describe your role in this film?
I play Walt's (Rene Kirby - a non-actor who was born with spina bifida) girlfriend. I'm basically a shallow girl who's going out with him for his money. Jack sees me as an old hag kind of thing. He sees the inner beauty, and I'm not beautiful on the inside. I'm a mean girl.

Was it tough to play a "mean" girl?
It was fun. It wasn't tough to play. It's fun to play the bad girl once in awhile.

What was your favorite part of making "Shallow Hal?"
The hotdogs! They had these great hotdogs on set, like a hotdog cart from New York. And Rene Kirby, he was so wonderful and so inspiring. For me to worry about walking out of the door with a pimple, and this guy goes skiing and he walks on his hands. He is such an inspiration and it was so great to meet him, and work with him.

Were you excited to make a Farrelly Brothers movie?
Who wouldn't be excited to make a Farrelly Brothers movie? I would do anything for them. They're so wonderful and sweet, and funny, and good people.

Did you spend much time with Jack Black?
Of course! Actually we were the only two Jewish people on the set, and we were shooting over Passover. We were saying little Passover prayers at dinner with everybody, and it was funny - we were whispering. We're not religious - either of us, I don't think - but it was fun to sort of have that little bond.

Was it fun working with Jack?
Nothing is more fun than working with Jack Black. He's a really sensitive, down-to-earth, secure, sweet, young man. I really loved him. And, he's so talented!

Did he break out in song during filming?
No, but he told me about his Tenacious D stuff. I was like "yeah, yeah, whatever" (laughing). But then I actually saw one of his videos and I went to his concert last week, and I saw him afterwards. I told him, "Jack, I'm so proud of you!" I was really proud - he's wonderful.

What do you think moviegoers will take away from this film?
That beauty is just an outward thing. People should really see other people for their inner beauty, for who they are, and I think that's what the film is about.

Do you think that point comes across?
I hope so. I haven't seen the whole film yet, but from reading the script and working with the Farrellys, it wasn't a malicious thing. It's not about putting a fat girl in it to be funny - I think they're really making a sensitive statement and I'm happy to be involved with them.

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