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Interviews From the Premiere of "Shallow Hal"

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Gwyneth Paltrow (Rosemary)
Jack Black (Hal)
Director Peter Farrelly
Joe Viterelli (Steve Shanahan)
Brooke Burns (Katrina)
Sascha Knopf (Tanya)

Photos from the Premiere

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Acting isn't Tony Robbins claim to fame. Best known as a self-help guru, Robbins joined the cast of "Shallow Hal" after the Farrellys and writer Sean Moynihan decided to go with a more realistic approach to Hal's life-changing experience.

Tony Robbins (Himself)

How did you get involved in this film and what was it like working with the Farrelly Brothers?
It was interesting that they wrote the script, and I wasn't initially in it. Sean Moynihan bought my tapes from television and had never written a movie. He wrote it, and a psychic was supposed to change shallow Hal. The Farrelly Brothers said we want this film to be real - in real life, who could change your life on an elevator? They said if you were stuck with Tony Robbins, it would be over - you'd have to change. So they called me up and made me an offer. I read the script and laughed, which I knew I would because I love their films. But it was also emotional and had a tender part to it. It includes my message about finding inner beauty so I was thrilled to be a part of it.

It was also incredibly fun because they gave me a lot of freedom. The first day I got there, I told them, "I've memorized your script and it's not really me. I'll do what you want but, not to sound egotistical, can I show you what I'd do in real life?" They said to go for it. The healing scene in the film is what I do in real life, and they weren't ready for it. The cameramen were backing up, and Jack Black didn't know I was going to hit him. He said, "What the heck are you doing?" They (the Farrellys) loved it, so we kept changing it, and doing what I really do.

Can you describe your character a little?
He's very lovable, very humble, he's very brilliant (laughing). No, I get to play myself and I'm an idiot basically. I'll tell you what I paid attention to the most, and that was trying not to laugh my ass off through the whole thing because it's so funny. That was my biggest problem.

Was it tough to pretend or were you just playing it as yourself?
I really wasn't pretending. What you see is what I do in real life, but on the big screen and with some amazing actors around me who made it really easy.

Did you have fun with the other actors?
I did. Jack Black and Jason Alexander are insane, and I'm insane. I'm not as insane as they are, but I'm trying. It was really fun.

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