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"On the Line" Movie Review

Lance Bass, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Joey Fatone
star in Miramax Films'
"On the Line"

Two-fifths of the pop group *NSYNC star in this squeaky clean romantic comedy. Lance Bass makes his debut as a lead actor in a feature film, playing an ad agency professional who is a bust with women. His real-life good buddy and band mate, Joey Fatone, co-stars as his overly flatulent best friend.

The basic premise of the movie is simple. Bass stars as sweet-natured Kevin, a single guy who has problems getting dates. He meets a cutie on Chicago's L train, they hit it off, and as they part company, he fails to go that final yard and ask for her name or number (she sent him all the signals, but apparently his radar was inoperable). Enlisting the help of his good buddies, Kevin spends the rest of the film making posters, placing ads - doing pretty much anything to show how desperate he is to find this special girl.

Is it possible for there to be a more innocuous, non-threatening, bit of fluff than this romantic comedy? Probably not, but there may be some close rivals in the near future. While Hollywood ponders the course studios will take after the events of Sept. 11th, look for more of this type of totally non-threatening, lite entertainment to get the green-light.

Undoubtedly, there will be many moviegoers who avoid this film simply because it stars two guys from *NSYNC. Bass and Fatone don't have to stretch their acting muscles much - the script is about as elementary as they come - however, they aren't as bad as non-*NSYNC fans would assume. Bass is actually quite appealing and Fatone lets loose enough to break away from his G-rated image. It'll be interesting to see where both go from here. Fatone has already completed filming his role in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," a role that may just prove to be his breakout performance. Only time will tell if Lance Bass and Joey Fatone can break away from their pop star (I hear calling them members of a boy band is a no-no) legacy and be taken seriously as thespians.

*NSYNC fans will love this film, and will likely propel this romantic comedy to do reasonably well at the box office. It's an enjoyable film, though there's not much to it. It's likeable enough to generate a few smiles, it won't tax your brain, and it's cute enough to provide entertainment to female romantic movie fans.

Overall Grade: C-

"On the Line" is rated PG for language and some crude humor.

Director: Eric Bross
Executive Producers: Lance Bass, Andrew Panay, Johnny Wright, and Louise Rosner
Screenplay: Eric Aronson & Paul Stanton
Cinematographer: Michael Bernard
Film Editor: Eric Sears
Production Designer: Andrew Jacknass
Original Music By: Stewart Copeland
Art Director: Brandt Gordon
Casting: Nancy Nayor

Kevin Gibbons - Lance Bass
Rod - Joey Fatone
Abbey - Emmanuelle Chriqui
Eric - Gregory Qaiyum (GQ)
Randy - James Bulliard
Mr. Higgins - Dave Foley
Nathan - Jerry Stiller
Rev. Al Green - Himself
Jackie - Tamala Jones
Brady Francis - Dan Montgomery Jr

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