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"Glitter" Movie Review

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It's a shame that it's too late to yank this one before it's released. "Glitter" is an excellent example of a movie that deserved to go straight to video - do not pass go, do not collect $200. Unfortunately, it didn't - and there may be unsuspecting Mariah Carey fans out there who will actually pay to see this. The audience I was with was full of Mariah Carey fans, but even they gave up on the hope of taking the film seriously, and were laughing at the parts that were supposed to be touching.

It was almost physically uncomfortable watching the performances in "Glitter." I sat fidgeting and looking constantly at my watch (I swear time was standing still), while audience members yelling at the owner of a ringing cell phone were actually providing more entertainment than the film itself. Mariah Carey's been through a lot recently, but that's no excuse for her role in producing/starring in this disappointing movie. As an actress, she's a great singer. Her voice is wonderful, but it's not enough to save this movie. Her co-star, Max Beesley, doesn't add much to the effort (I spent most of the film trying to figure out what type of accent he was supposed to be doing).

The story itself revolves around a young girl who is given up by her alcoholic mother. She forms, along with her best friends from a foster home, a musical group, starting out as back-up singers, and progressing to their own group quite rapidly, after being discovered by a DJ (Julian Dice, played by Beesley). Dice helps get them a record contract, and acts as their producer as well as Carey's boyfriend. For no apparent reason, he turns from a seemingly decent guy into an out-of-control control freak. To say much more would be giving away the entire plot and the "touching" ending, but suffice it to say, the storyline and script left a lot to be desired.

Overall Grade: F

"Glitter" is rated PG-13 for some sexuality, language, and brief violence.

Director: Vondie Curtis Hall
Producer: Laurence Mark
Screenplay: Kate Lanier
Story by: Cheryl West
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Simpson
Film Editor: Jeff Freeman
Production Designer: Dan Bishop
Casting: Victoria Thomas
Costume Designer: Joseph Aulisi
Score Composed by: Terence Blanchard
Art Director: Peter Grundy

Billie Frank - Mariah Carey
Julian Dice - Max Beesley
Louise - Da Brat
Roxanne - Tia Texada
Lillian Frank - Valarie Pettiford
Kelly - Ann Magnuson
Timothy Walker - Terrence Howard
Guy Richardson - Dorian Harewood
Jack Bridges - Grant Nickalls
Rafael - Eric Benet

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