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Interviews from the Premiere of "Summer Catch"

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WILMER VALDERRAMA ("Domo" Dominguez)

Why did you decide to star in a baseball movie?
The people who were going to be working on it, the project, and the story, was a lot of fun. And as an actor, you should be willing to take challenges - and this was one of them.

Are you on hiatus from "That 70's Show?"
I'm back on the show and we're having a great time doing it. I filmed "Summer Catch" about a year ago, so it was a year ago back, back, back when. It was a cool group of kids and lots of fun.

Did you have to undergo lots of training for your role as "Domo"?
Lots of training and lots of bruises. I got hit twice in the face and that was not fun. But we got through it and there's good memories.

Your character lives with an older woman who's like Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate." Did you enjoy that storyline?
That was fun because I play opposite Beverly D'Angelo and that was definitely a great time. She's was great, and it was pleasure working with her.

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Photos from the Premiere

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