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Interviews with the Cast of "American Pie 2"

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What did you take into consideration when doing this sequel? Obviously there're risks because the original was so successful.
I was very nervous to do the sequel. I can totally understand you guys (meaning the other original cast members) having fun doing the sequel, but I didn't think Michelle would be part of it. I thought the first one was it. She did her duty, and where could the character go? I was told that they were definitely going to put her in the sequel, and so I was really curious. But when the script arrived, I was still convinced I wasn't going to do a sequel. But the script was really funny, and I loved the fact that she was working at band camp and then Jim came, and I really loved that.

Did you have any idea you were going to end up as a romantic interest in the sequel? No, I had no idea. I was thrilled, and obviously it would have been heartbreaking not to be part of the sequel. I just didn't want it to be forced. There are such high expectations of a sequel - at least for me - and "American Pie" was so special. I didn't want to change that. I basically tried to read the script and forget all my expectations for two reasons. One - to see if it's a good sequel and two - to see if there was no "American Pie," would I still want to be in this movie, and would I want to do this character. And the answer was yes. With the whole cast coming back, that was major, a major positive element. And, it was just so fun.

Did you ever come up with a back-story for your character that's even crazier than the stuff about "band camp?"
Well, you know I mean the actual story is pretty damned crazy. Obviously I had my own sort of imaginative memories of band camp, but I leave that stuff up to Adam. He's really the demented one.

Do you normally have a positive response to juvenile humor when you are part of an audience?
Oh yeah! Respond to? I'm part of it.

There are a lot of movies over the last 2-3 years that are touchstones for teen comedy. The hair gel sperm from "There's Something About Mary," "American Pie" and its pie, etc. Is that the kind of stuff you think is funny? Do you understand why it's funny?
Yes, I definitely understand why it's funny. I have a really, really raunchy sense of humor and I'm probably their target audience. "Something About Mary" - that was very funny to me. I think that some of it is stupid, but I mean you come to the "Buffy" set on the 14th hour on a Friday night, and a lot worse will come out of my mouth. I'm notorious on that set for being a potty mouth.

Did you find you had the ability to improvise some of the gags in the film, or was it tightly scripted?
No, they give us a lot of room but there's not much need, but you do have the luxury of "Oh hey wait, I have an idea."

Are there any funny stories after the film was released - where the public has taken you as your character?
Actually my dad just came to visit and my cousin had given him a nice present of a T-shirt that said "This one time at band camp" and I was just like, oh no, that's wrong. I was hoping that my dad would never hear about that.

Did he wear it out with you?
No, he said, "I'll just sleep in it."

Can you see yourself doing "American Pie 3?"
I couldn't see myself doing "American Pie 2," so...

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